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10-Minute Trainer Upgrade

If you’re one of the busiest people you know, you’ll want to accelerate your results with the complete set of 10-Minute Trainer tools. These workouts give you even more of the best of the best—the best and most efficient workouts to get you in the best shape of your life!

Price:  $79.90

9 ALL-NEW incredible workouts!

  • Total Body 2. Tony layers this total-body workout with fat-burning cardio and moves to sculpt your entire body in no time! (10 minutes)
  • Core Cardio. Think you don’t have enough time to burn some fat? Think again. Tony’s got the key to tightening your midsection and shedding fat to reveal your six-pack abs. (10 minutes)
  • Upper Body. Tony’s innovative moves will tone and shape your entire upper body, giving you the shapely arms and shoulders you want. (10 minutes)
  • One on One Lower.
    Follow Tony as he powers through a different move each minute to firm and strengthen your quads and glutes. (10 minutes)
  • Plyo Intervals.
    This plyometric workout will dramatically enhance your athletic performance in only minutes! (10 minutes)
  • One on One Upper.
    You’ll beg for mercy in this fast-paced upper-body blowout that further defines your shoulders, arms, and back! (10 minutes)
  • Cardio Intervals.
    Go all out with Tony in fat-blasting, high-intensity drills that will kick your metabolism into high gear while you burn calories at the rate of an athlete. (10 minutes)
  • Chest & Back.
    Unique moves engineered to max out these two major muscle groups and get you strong FAST! (10 minutes)
  • Friday Night Arms.
    Tony’s favorite Friday night workout since his teenage years—and still just as effective. (10 minutes)

Plus, get 2 FREE gifts to accelerate your results!

  • 2 additional resistance bands. These professional-grade resistance bands will complete your set and provide the additional resistance you need to sculpt lean, hard muscle in all the right places.
  • Advanced Workout Calendar. This customized calendar will help you get accelerated results by showing you how to rotate these 10-minute workouts for maximum resistance.

30-day money-back guarantee!

B-LINES® Resistance Bands contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Price:  $79.90