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P90X2 is being released officially in December but pre-orders are happening NOW.  This program is going to blow anything away that you have done before.  If you want to take your fitness to the next level then this will be the program for you.   P90X2 is going to be ground breaking.  This program combines the latest in sports science with the intensity we have come to love with P90X.  If your looking to Run Faster, Jump Higher, and be in top physical shape then this program will be for you.





You can find more out all of the latest info about P90X2 In my post, P90X2 Secrets Revealed.   Here is some key features that make P90X2 Ground Breaking.


P90X2 now combines 3 different phases together to maximize strength and performance.  The schedule has been taken down from 6 days to week in P90X to 5 Days per week.  The schedule is a little more opened.  You can stay in each phase longer if you need them longer.  So you can schedule your recovery week when you need it.

Phase 1: Foundation Phase (3-5 week): You’ll move better, You’ll feel better, You’ll be far less likely to get injured.   You will be able to move in a functional way and create more of a muscular balance.  Features workouts like X2 Core and Power and Balance.

Phase 2: Strength Phase, (3-6 weeks): You’ll get stronger through a wider range of motion, You’ll get more supple, you’ll look good.  After the foundation is built you can now apply those skills to brand new resistance workouts.  This phase features workouts like Chest/Back + Balance, and Plyocide.

Phase 3: Performance Phase (3-4 weeks): Ready to take it all and put it together?  This phase will let you Jump Higher, Run Raster, be more Explosive, You will start to feel like a kid again.  This is where the sports science starts to come together.  Features P.A.P. or Post-Activation Potentiation workouts.  The latest in sports science that allows you to perform better all around.



How to Bring It Again: Introductory DVD that teaches you how to bring it while doing P90X2

X2 Core:  This is a new version of Core Synergistics.  Total body workout with balance and stability focus.

Plyocide:  Plyometrics taken to the next level.  Lateral movements have been added this time.

X2 Recovery + Mobility:  Foam rolling and stretching to help aid recovery.

X2 Total Body:  Total body workout that it’s up every single body part.  You will do a little bit of everything in this one.

X2 Yoga:  60 mins of Yoga this time.  Emphasis on the moving exercises.

Balance + Power:  This combines balance move with strength moves, very tough…trust me, I have done it during rehearsals.

Chest & Back + Balance:  This is 1 of the workouts that I am in.  Push and Pull workout.  New Pull up moves and push ups on med balls…fun!

X2 Shoulders + Arms:  Brand new moves to take your shoulders and arm workout to the next level.

Base & Back:   Combines Plyometric leg exercises with Pull ups.  2 of the largest muscle groups in your body.

PAP Lower:  The new scientific sports training that is designed to focus on performance.Strength moves followed by explosive moves to make you explode.

PAP Upper: The new scientific sports training that is designed to focus on performance.  Strength moves followed by explosive moves to make you explode.

X2 Ab Ripper:  All new ab ripping moves.  This one will hurt…in a good way.  You might already “hate it but love it”

V Sculpt*:  The 2nd workout that I am in.  Back/Biceps taken to a new level.  Pull ups like you have never seen.  Bicep moves that will challenge every part of your fitness.  Movements are all done from an Athletic stance so that strength gains will be applicable to real world movements.

X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris*:  All push worrkout.  New exercises for new muscle confusion.  This forces your “push” muscles to function better.  We accomplish this with creative uses of instability and always forcing movement out of athletic position.

(*Sold Separately as Advanced Workouts and available in Deluxe and Ultimate Kits).

I am in Chest & Back + Balance, and V-Sculpt for those of you who are curious.  You can see most of the previews in the P90X2 section under workouts on this site HERE.


P90X2 Package Options

P90X2 comes with three package options available in either Blu-ray and DVD.  If you purchase through a coach (Me), by clicking on any order now link you will also receive 2 extra free Tony Horton One on One workouts.


• 12 workouts on 13 DVDs or 4 Blu-ray discs
• Fitness Guide
• Nutrition Guide
• 90-day Workout Calendar

DVD:  $119.95

Blu-Ray: $149.85











• Includes everything in the P90X2 Base Kit, plus:
• 2 Bonus Advanced P90X2 Workouts
• 1 Foam Roller
• 1 55cm Premium Stability Ball
• 2 8-lb Medicine Balls

DVD:  $239.85

Blu-Ray: $299.85











• Includes everything in the P90X2 Base Kit, plus:
• 2 Bonus Advanced P90X2 Workouts
• 1 Pro-Grade Foam Roller
• 1 55cm Premium Stability Ball
• 2 8-lb Medicine Balls
• Power Stands (Push Up Stands)

DVD:  $299.85

Blu-Ray: $359.85






P90X2 Advanced DVDs:

• Add Even More Variety to Your P90X2 Program
with 2 Additional Extreme Workouts
•V Sculpt:  Work your back and biceps, also known as the “actor muscles,” while improving your strength and agility.
•X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris:  Achieve eye-popping results with exercises that use instability to push you harder than ever.

DVD:  $59.90

Blu-Ray: $64.90





First, Orders that are made through Beachbody Coaches get special benefits.  You can sign up for ME as your Coach  RIGHT HERE.  You will be able to have ME, A P90X2 Cast Member of Chest/Back + Balance and V-Sculpt, as your Coach.

1.  Make me your coach for Free by clicking RIGHT HERE.

2.  Go to and make sure you Log In, or click one of the “Order Now” Buttons on this page.

3.  Click the “Shop” Tab and find P90X2 to Order P90X2 (see picture).



There are several benefits of having a Team Beachbody Coach and Joining My Team.

1.  Pre-orders will get FREE Shipping and Handling. This is huge!  This offer is only for pre-orders only.  If your planning on Ordering the Deluxe or Ultimate packages then you will save a lot of money.

2.  Pre-orders will get P90X2 First and delivery by December 25th 2011, Guaranteed.
3.  Ordering from a Coach will let you receive Two FREE DVD workouts that can be easily worked in to your P90X2 program:

4.  Those who Pre-Order will be put into a database to be Eligible for WEEKLY Prizes, which include: T-Shirts, Gear, P90X2 apparel, Workouts, and a Grand Prize of Having P90X2 Delivered to your house by the man himself, Tony Horton.

5.  Those who Pre-Order will get a Chance to be in the first P90X2 Infomercial. When you receive P90X2 you will be shown how to track and submit your results so you can be featured in the P90X2 infomercial when it is aired.  Pretty sweet uh?