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P90X2 Advanced Workouts



P90X2 Advanced Workouts Pre-Order – Free Shipping

Get Even More Out of Your P90X2 Program
with 2 Additional Extreme Workouts

Target your upper body for attention-grabbing results with these 2 Additional Extreme P90X2 workouts.

V Sculpt
Want to look good on camera? This is your workout. V Sculpt works your back and biceps, also known as the “actor muscles.” Of course it’s still P90X2, which means the exercises will all be done from an athletic stance. And, your strength gains will all be applicable to real-world movements (aside from posing for your friends on the beach).

X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris
Give your chest, shoulders, and triceps, known as your “pushing muscles,” an extra push. By adding a stability ball and medicine balls to simple exercises, you’ll discover the body-shaping power of instability, and achieve astonishing results.


When the product ships, you will be charged:
DVD Pricing: Retail $59.90; Club $53.91
Blu-ray™ Pricing: $64.90; Club $58.41