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RevAbs Deluxe

Ready to upgrade your six-pack to an eight-pack? In addition to everything in your RevAbs package, you’ll also get two advanced workouts, Ab Addiction and Ultimate 8-Pack, two professional-grade variable-resistance bands for maximum sculpting results, a Stability Ball to increase core balance and strength, and Ankle Bands to provide a new level of intensity to your workouts.

Exclusive offer! Brett’s 4×4 Workout, a 16-minute workout DVD, if you purchase RevAbs on Team Beachbody®. A $19.95 value—FREE!

Price:  $179.70

Reveal Your Six-Pack
With Brett Hoebel’s proven Abcentrics™ training technique, you’ll learn to work your abs from six different angles, and to engage your abdominal muscles throughout your entire workout so every move counts. You’ll build a lean, strong physique with a variety of lively exercises, including the acrobatic martial art known as Capoeira.

Here’s what you get:

12 Workouts on 10 DVDs:

  • Abcentrics. Abcentrics teaches you Brett’s proven technique for firing your abs to get maximum results. Master this, and you’re on your way to an awesome six-pack. (approx. 8 min.)
  • Capoeira. In Capoeira, you learn Brett’s favorite moves from this unique Brazilian martial art. (approx. 15 min.)
  • Fire Up Your Abs. Scorch calories with explosive cardio intervals and Brett’s Six-Pack moves, his signature ab circuit that works your core from 6 different angles for 6 times the results. (approx. 40 min.)
  • Power Intervals. Rev up your metabolism with high-intensity cardio that includes intervals of lower-body resistance moves. You’ll melt belly fat, sculpt lean legs, firm your glutes, and work your abs—all at the same time. (approx. 30 min.)
  • Total Strength. Strength training is essential if you want great abs. Strong, lean muscles are your best friends in the fight against fat. (approx. 45 min.)
  • Mercy Abs. Short but tough, this ab workout pushes you hard and leaves you begging for mercy. (approx. 15 min.)
  • Rev It Up Cardio. Forget boring treadmills. This workout is spiced with capoeira and kickboxing moves to burn the fat off your abs and your entire body. (approx. 45 min.)
  • Fat-Burning Abs. Feel the burn with new ab and cardio combinations that will have your heart pounding and your abs screaming.
    (approx. 40 min.)
  • Power Intervals 2. Kick up the intensity with lower-body resistance moves and even more extreme cardio for increased belly-fat burning. (approx. 30 min.)
  • Strength & Endurance. Rock-hard abs, meet rock-hard body. This total-body workout defines your abs and sculpts your entire body. (approx. 30 min.)
  • Merciless Abs. Make your abs pop with this 15-minute ab shredder. Brett ups the intensity and shows your core no mercy. (approx. 15 min.)
  • Full Throttle Abs. Go for all-out intensity in this fully charged ab workout that will blast the fat and make your midsection rock-solid. (approx. 40 min.)
  • Full Throttle Intervals. Shift into high gear with hard-core intervals that will rev up your results. Go longer and harder. (approx. 45 min.)

You also get these tools:

  • RevGuide. Get the most out of RevAbs and learn the personal weight loss philosophy that Brett teaches all of his training clients.
  • RevAbs Day-by-Day Calendar. You’ll always know which RevAbs workout to do each day for maximum results. It also helps you keep track of your progress.
  • Measuring Tape and Tracker. Watch the inches melt away and log your RevAbs results with our handy measuring tape and progress tracker.

Plus, get these 4 FREE bonus gifts to keep you motivated ($220.00 VALUE):

  • 14-Day Jump-Start Program. Kick off your weight loss and accelerate your results. You can lose 10 pounds and a whole size in the first 2 weeks.
  • Eating for Abs Nutritional Guide. Get delicious, easy-to-prepare meals and recipes. Eat right and you’ll get flat, firm abs without starvation or deprivation.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Abs I and II. On the road or can’t get to your TV? Take these RevAbs workouts anywhere and do them anytime.
  • 24-Hour Online Support. Get FREE access to live chats with Brett, diet and fitness advice, and incredible peer support.

Bonus workout available on Team Beachbody:

  • 4×4 Workout. Brett brings you another level of ab sculpting. All you need is 16 minutes, a 4′x4′ space, and your own body weight to help you reveal tight, toned abs. Available only on Team Beachbody.
    A $19.95 value—FREE!

In addition to everything in your RevAbs package, your Deluxe Upgrade includes all these extras:

Rev up the intensity with 2 advanced workouts:

  • Ultimate 8-Pack. Go way beyond crunches to work your abs in ways you never dreamed possible. This RevAbs workout will shred your core like nothing else. (approx. 30 min.)
  • Ab Addiction. Get ready for three rounds of the most advanced ab exercises you’ve ever done. (approx. 30 min.)

Ramp up your results with top-quality workout tools:

  • Stability Ball. As part of the RevAbs Advanced workouts, this is one of the best tools to increase your core balance and strength.
  • 2 professional-grade variable resistance bands with Comfort Grip handles for maximum sculpting power.
  • Ankle Bands with Door Attachment. Use the power of your legs to tighten and tone your abs. These ankle bands provide a new level of intensity to your RevAbs Advanced workouts.

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.
B-LINES® Resistance Bands contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Price: $179.70