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Skinny College Kid Gains 26 lbs of Muscle in 120 days – Chad’s Massive P90X Results

I think Chad has answered the question whether or not you can gain mass with P90X.  Wow!  Chad decided to make a change in his life and went for it.  His P90X results prove how you can completely change your body type with a program like this.  Not only that but he also improved in sports!  Chad has been a stable member or the Get Ripped At Home Crew for some time now and his dedication to both his fitness and nutrition definitely shows through.  It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, man or women…you can get in the best shape of your life with P90X and P90X2.  Get the results you deserve!

Here is Chad’s Story in his own words…

Entering high school as an underweight, unfocused, out-of-shape freshman, I knew that in order to play lacrosse competitively and succeed academically in school, I had no choice but to make profound changes in my diet and exercise regimen. I remember when my own poor diet affected my daily life, making me feel tired, weak, lazy, and irritable, especially before lacrosse practice; that chips and pizza might be the culprits never crossed my mind. Before, my daily diet included a meager breakfast, pizza for lunch, three bags of chips for a snack, and finally, a well-balanced dinner too late in the day to matter. After learning how proper nutrition could change my life, I changed my diet to include a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast, I stopped eating the cafeteria junk food and started making my own lunches, and I put a stop to my destructive snacking habits. After I changed my diet, I wasn’t drained of all my energy when school ended; and, I also saw a major improvement in my lacrosse game.

Even though I had improved my diet, I still needed to get in shape in order to stay healthy and ultimately make the lacrosse team. I knew in order to play lacrosse effectively I would have to gain muscle, so I started working out at the gym and lifting weights. At first I did gain some muscle and increase my weight, but my gains stopped after a while and I didn’t know why. I researched and found that my body had entered the “plateau effect,” achieving results early on but slowing progress after about three weeks. After discussing the problem with my dad, he explained how P90X stops the plateau effect and helps achieve results more quickly. Convinced, I started to see results as the workout program put my body through varying workouts every three weeks so that my muscles kept growing throughout the ninety day challenge. By the end of the ninety day program, I gained considerable muscle mass, but more importantly; I gained confidence from a well-tuned, high-performing body fueled by healthful eating and regular workouts.

Want to ask Chad how he got his P90X Results?  You can find Chad by CLICKING HERE!