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Insanity Asylum Day 1 + 2 Review

Well, I have officially started Insanity Asylum and so far I am pretty impressed.  Since I am a P90X guy I was a little bit skeptical about a 30 day cardio driven program but I was very pleased to find out that Shaun T was incorporating a Strength routine and pull up bar into the program.  My first impressions of Speed/Agility were great.  This was an awesome cardio sports training workout.  I don’t think I have sweat that much in a long time.  Having that agility latter involved in the mix definitely turns up the notch of the workout.  Not only do you have to go fast but you now have to use good form and have precision.  I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference but believe me it does.  I am looking forward to seeing my hand and eye coordination improve with this workout.

Asylum’s Strength workout is a cross training/circuit training type of workout.  He uses 1 set of dumbbells for each exercise.  Again I thought this wouldn’t work well but I was wrong.  I chose 30lbs to start with and definitely picked the right weight.  Most of the moves start easier then get progressively harder as you go through the routine.  There are many ways to modify each exercise depending on if you are using resistance bands, dumbbells or the pull up bar.  Being a “pull up” guy I decided to try out those variations and was very surprised that I struggled through some of the moves.  My endurance is not as high as I thought and it showed.  This is a great one for strength/power and I can see it find my weaknesses.  Can’t wait to try it again.  Insanity Asylum is impress so far.

Here are my day 1 and day 2 Insanity Asylum Videos, Let me know what you think!