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Kathryn’s Insanity Results!

Today I wanted to feature Kathryn and her Husband Scott. They both committed to 60 days of Insanity and got amazing results.  Kathryn wanted to get back her per-pregancy body.  It goes to show how dedication to both the program and the nutrition can go a long ways.  They both helped each other through their journey and I think it shows with their results.  The best part of all is that they aren’t even close to being done.  They are already scheduling their next 60 days and continuing their health/fitness journey together!  I love her honesty with her journey and her attitude when it comes to her goals, results and new lifestyle.  Check out those measurements and fit test numbers!!  Great job!!

Kathryn’s Insanity Results in her own words:

Over the past two months, I’ve experienced the best fitness journey and transformation my body has ever gone through in my entire life. So many people have asked me about Insanity and my results that I’ve decided (probably in poor judgement) to post Scott (my husband) and I’s journey.  Hopefully as an inspiration to others.

Scott and I started Insanity on July 14, 2011. I had just stopped nursing our 8 month old and was ready to get my pre-pregnancy body back. Scott had been running consistently for about a year (completing a 5k and half-marathon), but wanted to get in even better shape before training for a marathon. So, we saw an infomercial on Insanity (a 60-day Extreme workout program), learned that my friend had a copy and we decided to try it.

The Program: Insanity

Month 1:

The first day of the program, you complete a Fit Test, which is basically an assessment of your fitness level. It takes about 20 minutes, including warm up and cool down. Let’s just say, the first Fit Test was a workout in and of itself. We were nervous about the first “real” workout the next day. We’d heard “If you think the Fit Test is hard…wait until you get to the actual workouts.” The next day, we did the first Plyometric Cardio Circuit and by the end, we were laying on the floor, covered in sweat and exhausted. The next day, we woke up so sore we could barely walk. But, we go through the day and “Pushed Play” for workout #2 Cardio Power & Resistence. As we struggled through the warm up, we realized that we were actually starting to feel better, and by the end, we felt great! So, we kept it up. We worked out 35-45 minutes a day, 6 days a week. The workouts actually reminded us of old sports drills we’d done in high school. (me – Volleyball and Basketball; Scott – Football)

At the end of the second week, we took the Fit Test again. It wasn’t as difficult for us and we weren’t really tired at the end, but we did see an immediate jump in the results and a decrease in our measurements. That was motivation enough to keep going! By the end of month 1, I was getting pretty used to the workouts and was ready to do some new routines (but was also scared of the month 2 “MAX” workouts!). We did the Fit Test again, and again saw measurable results in the progress we’d made and could visually tell the change in our bodies. After month 1, you do a “Recovery” workout for the week to help your muscles recover from the pounding you’ve put them through for 4 weeks, but make no mistake, it’s still a workout!

Month 2:

The first day of month 2 was like Day 1 of the program all over. We were drenched and exhaused after the first 60 minutes Cardio Conditioning workout (that we did AFTER we did the Fit Test). We each burned about 1,600 calories that day. But, we kept pushing play and kept getting stronger. And, before we knew it, month 2 was over. We’d finished the program! That is a GREAT feeling!

In addition to the Insanity exercise, we also counted our calories and drank protein shakes to help repair the muscles we were tearing/building. We used the iPhone app from to monitor what we were eating and how much. We didn’t allow ourselves any “cheat” days or meals, but, especially as we got into month 2, we were burning so many calories, it didn’t matter. And we actually found that we were having a hard time eating ENOUGH calories, especially me.

Throughout the program, I was constantly amazed. I was in awe of Scott’s physical transformation in his strength and endurance, and was shocked at my own body’s transformation. For example, I went from not even being able to do one push up to being able to do 30 push up jacks.

One thing I struggled with (and still do, really) was that it’s not how much you weigh that’s important, but your fitness level and measurements. Going into the program, my main goal was to lose weight. After my second baby, I’d lost 65 lbs over the course of a year and after having my third child, I was ready to get that pre-pregnancy weight back. However, I’ve learned that though I haven’t lost a “ton” of weight with this program, my fitness level is so much greater (muscle built) and my measurements were dramatically decreased. You can see them below, but I lost 8 inches in my waist alone. The difference this makes is in how my body looks as its losing the weight. Though I lost weight before, my skin was not elastic and did not shrink as I lost the weight. I had even considered getting plastic surgery to remove the extra skin. Now, I don’t have to consider surgery. With Insanity, as I’m losing the weight and building muscle, my body is reacting in a completely different way. You can see from my pictures below. My body is firming up on its own. I never saw results like this with any other form of weight loss program.

The results really do speak for themselves. I was nervous about posting mine on here (I think Scott’s are great), but I remember how inspiring others’ photos were for me when I was going through the program that I decided to just suck it up and post them. Proceed with Caution! Not for the faint of heart….

BTW: Our scale was broken, so we didn’t get accurate before and after weights, which is why weight is not included on here.

Fit Test Results:


Waist: -8″
Hips: -3.5″
Chest: -3.25″
Total Inches lost: 14.75

Waist: -5″
Hips: -4″
Chest: -2″
Total Inches lost: 11

What’s Next?
Scott has already started training for the full marathon he’s going to be running in April, and I am starting a Recovery Week tonight, and then Round 2 of Insanity for me begins next Monday!

Think you have what it takes?