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Katie’s Amazing TurboFire Results

I have been talking about how great Katie’s, my fiance, results have been with using Beachbody programs…especially TurboFire. Well here they finally are. I am extremely proud of all of her hard work and effort that she has put into her transformation. Katie will be the first one to tell that that getting healthy and fit is a journey that makes consistency, dedication and support…but it also can be fun! When she first started TurboFire she LOVED it and she has become a official Turbo Girl. Her transformation was so impressive, she even got cast in the new TurboFire workouts that are coming out in 2012! She is also going to be featured in the new TurboFire infomercial! How cool is that?!?

She has decided to pay it forward and she became a coach, just like me, to help others who are struggling with their weight. She is extremely knowledgeable and great motivator. If you want to join our team, you can make Katie your coach by clicking here! You can also contact her through Facebook Here!

Here is Katie’s Amazing TurboFire Transformation Results as well as her journey to get healthy and fit in her own words!

We all have a common desire to wake up every day feeling fit, healthy, and enthusiastic about what lies ahead. Yet for so many people that reality seems incredibly unreachable. I can remember being in that overwhelming place, wondering if I would ever get back to that happy, energetic girl I once knew so well…

It wasn’t until I started my graduate program in teaching, that my lifestyle habits took a 180 degree turn. Instead of spending my free time “working out” and studying, I spent my free time “eating out” and studying. I met knew friends, with much different habits, and found myself slowly drifting away from my previously active lifestyle. It wasn’t long before my weight began to creep up, and my desire to hit the gym came to a screeching halt. Over and over again, I gave myself the excuse that I was too busy, too tired, and would start back up Monday. Well, two and a half years of “Mondays” came and went, and I found myself 40 pounds heavier, at 30% body fat, and waking up every day feeling anything but fit, healthy, or enthusiastic.

Ultimately, I decided that the seemingly unreachable goals that had haunted me for the past couple of years, would instead be reachable. I just had to find the right path! I started out my weight loss process by paying a ridiculous amount of money for a personal trainer. (I already knew how the ins and outs of physical fitness, but thought I needed someone else to hold me accountable.) While I did make progress in my time with the trainer, I never felt that spark or enthusiasm that I used to feel during exercise. Upon discussing my concerns with my boyfriend, who had been working out with P90X for over a year, I learned from him that BeachBody offered a variety of programs that could suit nearly every fitness need.

I quickly began my research and came upon Chalean Extreme. The program sounded incredible! I quickly called to cancel my personal training subscription and ordered the deluxe version of the program. Wow! The spark I had been looking for began to creep back up on me, and I was feeling better than ever! THEN, I realized that Chalene Johnson was the girl responsible for creating those amazing turbo kickboxing classes that I had fallen in love with over a decade ago.

I was beyond excited when Turbo Fire was released, and had voiced so much enthusiasm and curiosity about the program that I soon received it as a gift from my now fiancé! He has always been an excellent gift giver, but THIS was one of the best things he had ever given me…

I completed my first TurboFire workout with a huge grin across my face. This was EXACTLY what I had been looking for! I got excited every time I put in a new workout, and the same feelings of empowerment came rushing back to me. I loved the fast-paced choreography, amazing music mix, and Chalene’s ridiculously contagious energy. After reading about the science behind HIIT training, I was blown away by how such a short workout could drastically improve my cardiovascular endurance.

As I worked through this program, I noticed that the muscles I had been building through the Chalean Extreme program were becoming visible! I was leaning out, and for the first time in my life had definition in my obliques and abdominal wall. I LOVED the strength training workouts included, and also soon began using the weighted gloves during the turbo workouts. I began using the gloves on TurboFire 30 and worked my way up to the TurboFire 45 and 45EZ workouts by the end of the second phase. By the end of the 90 days, I was able to accomplish my goal of completing Fire 60 with the gloves on! That was an incredible feeling of accomplishment!

As a result of TurboFire, I went from a girl who had been hiding her figure in baggy clothes, back to the confident girl I used to be running around the beach in her bathing suit. I am finally back and better than ever at 125 pounds and 14% body fat! I feel like more of an athlete today than I did playing Varsity sports in high school!
TurbFire for me, made the unreachable, reachable….I now get to wake up every day the way every person deserves to…feeling fit, healthy, and ready to face the day with positive energy.
TurboFire was the workout I had been looking for….the one that got me excited to press “play” everyday. This is a workout that I will forever love, and forever recommend until my freckled face turns blue! :)

Simply put:
The BEST version of me has been given the opportunity to come out and play, all because I pressed play with TurboFire! There are not enough words to thank those responsible for that….

-Katie Andruss

You can make Katie your coach by clicking here! You can also contact her through facebook here!

If you would like to try TurboFire, and have Katie coach you for free, you can do so by clicking this link!



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