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P90X Results – Brian

Have you gained weight since high school?  Did you think that you could never get in that kind of shape again?  Brian gained weight over the years but is now back to his high school weight!  He dedicated himself to Power90 and P90X and got amazing P90X results from his hard work and dedication to the workouts, nutrition and supplements.  Way to go Brian!  He has been a great member of our team on and is now loving his new health/fitness.   He is a perfect example of deciding what matters in life and making the changes to commit to those things that matter.

Brian’s Story in his own words

My Journey -

I started 2010 completely overweight, no energy, and a total lump…technically I finished 2009 in the same shape :),  I recall trying to get my work boots on one morning so I could get out the door and head to the jobsite and my stomach/chest being in the way and it was actually uncomfortable to perform a simple task like tying shoes.  This was the point I reached disgust and it was time to make a change.  230 lbs, absolutely disgusting.

It was time for a diet and to make a change in my life.  Over the next couple of months I was able to reduce my body weight from 230 lbs to about 212 lbs.  Only problem was I had already figured out how to maximize my input, cheat the system and completely do an end around on eating healthy or learning about how to eat healthy.  I had lost some weight, but learned nothing.  End result…I looked like a smaller, still plump version of myself.

Like most everyone else, I had seen a P90X infomercial on TV and I had heard one of my friends talk about P90X results, but I wasn’t sold yet.  I Googled P90X, P90 and logged on to Beachbody and started doing some research.  I remember not finding anything negative about the program from people that put forth effort, which I was amazed at.  Considering the shape I was in, I opted to do P90 first and get my body back into exercise mode.  On June 9th, I finished P90 and lost about 10 lbs, but more importantly was able to stick to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for 90 days and learn what it was going to take to make a change in my life.

Upon completing P90 I ordered P90X.  I have just completed my first round of X and my results have been amazing to me.  I have lost 22 lbs, 4 inches from my waist and have a great foundation to attack another round of P90X.  I have a level of energy I have not felt in years.  Eating whole, healthy, Organic foods and cooking all of our meals at home has never tasted better!  I currently am 3 lbs heavier than what I graduated high school at, it absolutely blows me away to have this body.  I have just started Shakeology and am determined to drop my body fat % with the goal of getting my abs to show through what little flab is still left over.  I have also recently become a Beachbody Coach to help others achieve the same success that I was able to.

Thanks to Beachbody for making these tools available.  Thanks to Tony for keeping P90X down to earth, providing options, keeping me grounded and always moving things along at an awesome pace.  Thanks to Coach Sean for all the time spent answering my questions, providing motivation to push play every day and always being just an email away.  I got P90X results!

Ready to Try Power90 or P90X and change your life like Brian?