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Tony Horton on Doctor Oz

In case you missed it because of all the Halloween festivities going on, Tony Horton was on the Doctor Oz show today!  This is pretty huge because Doctor Oz is a leader in the health industry and a advocate of good nutrition and exercise.  His show took Oprah’s time slot and has been a huge success so far.

So I wanted to pass along the info to you all so you could see Tony Horton in action promoting P90X and Ten Minute Trainer.  If you happened to see the segment you would have seen Tony Horton talking about his philosophy of health and fitness as well as how he got into the it.  There was a great Q&A session with doctor Oz.  Tony also got the opportunity to take Doctor Oz through a 10 min workout ala Ten Minute Trainer, which you can see by following this LINK HERE.

I think Tony did a great job on the show expressing how P90X and Ten Minute Trainer can help people of all fitness levels.  Ten minute trainer is a great program for those who need to get off the coach and start moving.  10 mins a day can help to change your fitness.  The best part is that once you start to get more active you can add other 10 min workouts to make 10, 20 and 30 min exercise days.  Not to mention that the ab routine is probably one of the toughest 10 min ab routines I have ever tried.  I actually use the Ten Minute Trainer Ab workout all the time.

So check it out and let me know what you think.  Again you can find the 10 min workout HERE.  If you are looking to take the first steps toward better health and fitness then P90X and Ten Minute Trainer are 2 of the best programs out there.