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Gaining MASS

Gaining MASS with P90X: PART 1


Gaining Mass with P90X Part 2: Meal Plan


Gaining Mass with P90X Part 3 : Supplements



So I have done p90x before, only did two months and really didn’t see much result so I just told my self I was gonna stop! I didn’t exactly follow the nutrition guide but I did eat 5 times a day but small portions of meals they were always healthy, didn’t know what I was doing wrong. For example in the morning I’d eat a bowl of cereal plain Cheerios Then snack like yogurt or a protein bar then lunch a sandwich made of only turkey then another protein bar or yogurt then got home ate dinner and hit play every day for a whole 2 months! And nothing, I just really need motivation and tips. Please right back as soon as you can I’m starting my 3rd week of p90x today. I’ve always been in descent shape but I just really want to get ripped!!! Thank you’


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