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Kevin’s Results

Name: Kevin Clark
Programs: P90X
Supplements: Whey Protein

Q: Why did you make the decision to do P90X?

I made the decision to do P90X because I’m almost 35 now, married with 2 kids and I didn’t want to start falling apart. As Tony would say……I don’t want to be all old, icky, gooey, crotchety and pathetic. Not me! Not havin it! My brother told be about P90X and how it worked great for a friend of his so I made a new years resolution to try it.
Q:  What were a few of your goals?
First goal was to see if P90X really worked. I told myself I was going to do what Tony says, work hard and give it 1 month. If I didn’t see results…..toss it. Well, I started seeing results in the second week. That really got me motivated to go the 90 days and start round 2. Other goals was to get in shape, lose some weight, build some muscle. Just look and feel better.

Q: How did Coach Sean help you?

I met Coach Sean through a co-worker that was doing P90X with me. We both had a lot of questions about nutrition, certain workout programs, and supplements. Sean replied with very detailed information about what he thought and what he recommend. After seeing how knowledgeable he was about everything I requested him to be my coach.

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