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Ryan’s Results

Name: Ryan C.
Programs: P90x, Insanity, One on One’s, P90x +, RevAbs
Supplements: P90x Recovery Drink, Whey Protein, Occasionally Creatine, Multivitamin

Q: Why did you make the decision to do P90X?

A: I decided to do P90x because I love a challenge. Being a rock climber I am a very competitive person and just really enjoy pushing myself to the limits. The informercial was the true selling point for me. It was regular people working hard, no gimics or fancy gadgets, and they were getting in the best shape of there lives

Q:  What were a few of your goals?

A: My goals at the beginning of P90x were simple. Make it the entire 90 days, eat as clean as possible, and get in the best shape of my life.

Q: How did Coach Sean help you?

A: Sean was a huge help to me during round 1 of my P90x journey.  Even though he was not my coach, I still turned to him for questions and advice.  He was extremely helpful, especially on the diet aspect, which during my first round of the X was by far the biggest challenge. Sean was very accountable and extremely knowledgeable regarding the fitness and nutrition world. I knew I could count on him to help me out with any of the problems encountered during my early days of the X. Sean also offered me an excellent source of motivation. We were both relatively close in height and weight and after seeing his progress pictures, I really had something in mind to shoot for. I owe Sean a huge thanks for helping me get into the best shape of my life.

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