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Become a Coach


I first became an Independent Beachbody Coach about a 8 month ago.  After almost completing my first round of P90X my coach, Josh, approached me about the opportunity to become a coach.  I had gotten great results from P90X and already turned friends and family onto the program.  I was already interested in helping others with their health a fitness so I researched it.  I was skeptical but after doing my research I quickly realized that this could be a great opportunity to make a difference while getting paid to do it.  Low start up fees, and about the same amount a month that one would pay for a magezine subscription.  I figured I couldn’t go wrong, and I didn’t.

My goal was to make enough to cover my supplement costs.  And at first that is exactly what I did.  I was helping others, sharing tips and nutrition advice on the P90X message boards.  It was actually very fulfilling to hear that I was helping people reach their health/fitness goals.  I would have even done it for free.  But people started adding me as their coach and I began to get more people signing up for my team.

As time went on I started to get checks every week from Beachbody.  As my customers grew so did the checks.  Fast forward to now and I am now getting a significant amount of money per month.  Enough to cover some of my major bills.  This is something that I currently do part-time!  I couldn’t ask for a better, more fulfilling way to supplement my income, especially during this current recession.  I have been able to meet my fitness mentors (Tony Horton, see photo) and other like-minded people through the Beachbody community.  If you are looking for a chance to make some money and get into the best shape of your life, Beachbody Coaching is an excellent opportunity! Look what is it accomplishing for me!

Coach Sean

Independent Beachbody Coach