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P90X Foods

P90X Foods

If you have tried P90X then you know how tough the workouts are.  You should also know that you need the right nutrition in order to get the most out of the program.  The P90X nutrition guide is a great source of information to help you achieve your desired results.  Some people like to break the guide down into basic foods and mix and match them accordingly.  The optimum amount of protein before and after your workout is around 20 grams.  Here are 5 muscles building P90X foods that you should eat while doing P90X or any other fitness program.

1. Chicken, Turkey, or Tuna (3 oz) (14-22 grams protein, 66-100 calories) Wrap one of these standbys in a piece of bread. Four slices of chicken or turkey provide 14 grams of protein, while half a can of tuna has nearly 22 grams.

2.  Eggs (three): (19 grams protein, 232 calories) They’re still incredible after all these years. Hard-boiled eggs are most convenient, but it’s also easy to scramble a few in the a.m. and scoop them into a microwavable container. Don’t sweat the fat: It’s healthy and filling.

3. Chocolate 2% Milk (16 oz)( About 17 grams protein, 333 calories)  Refresh and rebuild at the same time. A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shows that chocolate milk may be the ideal postworkout beverage for building muscle.

4.  Whey Powder (30 g scoop)(24 grams protein, 110 calories)  This milk-derived product continues to rule the gym. Mix it with milk instead of water if you want a bit more protein. Try Nitrean; it has whey isolate for quick absorption, and casein, which is digested slowly.

5.  Greek Yogurt (5.3 oz container)(15 grams protein, 80 calories)  Greek-style yogurt is a lifter’s dream: It’s easy to carry and packed with protein. Skip yogurts with fruit and sugar; to add flavor, drop in a few berries or nuts.