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Thanks! You’re 2 steps away from getting Chest X 2.0

Thank you for requesting Chest X 2.0 – Chest Destroyer workout.   Chest X 2.0 is a routine that I have formulated myself after researching different ways to build a stronger, more defined upper body. It involves a more traditional approach, using the bench press, smith machine, incline bench and cable fly machine that can be found at any gym.  It hit’s the chest in almost every angle and incorporates drop sets to help with hypertrophy. I found that hitting my upper body with more of a traditional, heavy weight workout is a great way to get a bigger, stronger, more defined upper body.  This is a great addition to P90X or Insanity’s push ups and even P90X2s stability push up moves. “It’s about the confusion baby”(Tony Horton).

This routine can also be modified if you have an adjustable bench and some dumbbells at home.

3 Easy STEPS To Receive Chest X 2.0 for FREE!

STEP 1 (FREE) :   You Must be an official member of my team, Get Ripped at Home Crew. To sign up for ME as your official coach for FREE, all you need to do is click the link and fill out the short form. You will sign up for a free account with me, officially as your coach. CLICKHERE . This way I can keep track of your progress and help you with your results!


STEP 2 (FREE) :You need to be a member of my team’s Private Fitness Group on Facebook (HERE). I will only add you if I am your coach so please see step 1. OR if you order something through my site.
- If you have done so, email me asking for the routine. I will check and make sure you ordered product, so please don’t lie. :)

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STEP 3:   After you have done steps 1 and 2, Look for an Email in your inbox and REPLY letting me know that you have done these steps.  You will then be sent my Chest X 2.0 eBook!

>>CLICK HERE to Contact me Once you have Done Steps 1 + 2!