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HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training)

Most of you have read me talk about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that I add 3 days a week to my schedule. I do it for only 15-20 mins at a time, and it adds the same benefit of 1 hour moderate jogging.

Here are some new ways to do interval training that I found from Men’s Health. I will be trying these out.

Getting Up to Speed

They say that slow and steady wins the race. But the cardiovascular key to fat burning is using interval training workouts – workouts that alternate high-intensity levels with lower-intensity effort. As I mentioned earlier, that formula keeps your body burning calories long after you’ve stopped working out.

Interval training mimics sports – start-and-stop motions with periods of sprinting or close-to-sprinting speeds followed by light jogging or rest. You can use interval training workouts any way you want – running, cycling, swimming, on elliptical trainers, even walking if you alternate a speed walk and slow walk.

You can also vary the intensity levels in different combination. To start, here are three options for setting your workout. (If you use exercise machines, don’t choose the interval workout; choose the manual one, and create your own intensities by adjusting it yourself. It’ll give you greater control over the speeds and will help you burn fat faster.) You’ll derive benefits in as little as a 20-minute interval workout. As you build up endurance and strength, you can add time to your workout.

Interval Variation I: Standard

The following is a typical interval workout. You alternate the same period of low intensity with the same period of higher intensity.

1. 3 – 5 minutes warmup (light jog, low intensity, gradually increasing at the end of the warmup period)
2. 1 minute moderate or high intensity followed by 1 minute low intensity (repeat 6 – 8 times)
3. 3 – 5 minutes cooldown (light jog, low intensity, gradually decreasing by the end of the cooldown period)

Interval Variation II: Pyramid

This pyramid structure allows you to start with short bursts of speed, and then you’ll peak at the longest surge of energy in the middle of your workout before coming back down.

1. 3 – 5 minutes warmup
2. 30 seconds high intensity, 1 minute low intensity
3. 45 seconds high intensity, 1 minute low intensity
4. 60 seconds high intensity, 1 minute low intensity
5. 90 seconds high intensity, 1 minute low intensity
6. 60 seconds high intensity, 1 minute low intensity
7. 45 seconds high intensity, 1 minute low intensity
8. 30 seconds high intensity
9. 3 – 5 minutes cooldown

Interval Variation III: Sports Conditioning

Sports are unpredictable. This interval simulates some of that unpredictability by having you doing different times and different intensities. You can mix and match the orders and repetitions as much as you want. Rest longer after the periods in which you use the most energy.

1. 3 – 5 minutes warmup
2. 2 minutes moderate or high intensity followed by 2 minutes low intensity (repeat once
3. 30 seconds high intensity followed by 30 seconds low intensity (repeat four times)
4. 60-yard sprints (or 10 seconds if not running) followed by 90 seconds rest (repeat 6 – 10 times)
5. 3 – 5 minutes cooldown

*Info found on Men’s Health 


Sean, I'm strickly looking to gain weight (p90x) and incorporate a little cardio. I'm thinner and have lost definition in my abs. By main goal is to gain weight but I also want to get definition in my abs...I feel like it will never happen cause I'm eating 3200+ calories a day. Any suggestions as to when to incorporate cardio in the 3 mo period and how often weekly to do Insanity? I really like cardio and don't want to give it up...


I was doing the HIIT along with the cardio. Should I be replacing the cardio work outs with HIIT? Will it burn off more body fat than the workouts? I am 5 ft 9in and weight around 125. I'm looking to gain around 20 pounds when it's all said and done, but I want most of it to be muscle. What would work best?


Im doing this 3 times a week along with the mass gain schedule of p90x. The schedule basically starts day 1 with weights then switches between cardio and weights every other day. 7th day is a rest. Would it be better to do this HIIT routine on weight days or cardio days?


I saw that you said you do this 3 times a week. Is that what you reccommend? I've been doing it every morning before school and wanted to make sure it wasn't overkill or anything lol


Hey Sean i was wondering as to how well spring high intensity interval training works to burn fat. I'm at about 6-7% bf now and wanted to lower mine some more and was wondering if this would help me reach that goal. I was also looking to build mass during my next round as was wondering if this technique would allow me to cut fat and build mass at the same time

Jameson Jones
Jameson Jones

I was lookiong for some datails on mens health and got yor blog. It was a great read and I saved it for future reference

brian edwards
brian edwards

Thank you for the interesting and informative post. I have a relationship/dating blog of my own and I like your writing style. I've enjoyed your site very much and will return often.

Karin Mellerson
Karin Mellerson

Superb post, I must read this really slow. People should never forget the importance of a balanced life. And from time to time a healthy diet cannot do such harm, just try it.


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