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Best Exercise for Results

There is a fundamental idea that certain exercises are better than others.  Some like full body type of exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time.  Others like more isometric exercises that allow for greater tension on a particular muscle group.  Some prefer strength exercises with lower reps and then there are those who like high rep exercises that focus on endurance.  But there is one fundamental exercise that you HAVE to do with any program, P90X or otherwise, that isn’t pull ups, push ups, dips, squats or any crazy Beach Workout exercise….

It’s the exercise of LOGGING YOUR WORKOUTS! Ok, you probably feel a little duped but there is a reason why I wanted to pull you in.  You need to realize that there are simple, even basic, fundamental things that you can/should be doing in order to get greater results.

What is “Logging Workouts”?

What I mean by logging your workouts is the act of writing down your reps and weight used for each exercise that you do.  There is a reason why Tony Horton talks about the P90X Workout Sheets so often during the resistance workouts in P90X.  It is essential that you write down exactly what you did so you know what you need to do the next time you do that workout.

What’s The Benefits to Logging Your Workouts?

Something as simple as writing down your rep count and weight used for each exercise you do will not only help you for the next workout it gives you a goal to break the next time you workout.  This will help teach you how to push yourself to keep getting results.  It’s a fundamental, yet essential part of any fitness program, and it’s the one thing that people don’t do enough.

P90X doesn’t work if you stop to soon, if you give up early, or if you don’t push yourself to get 1 more rep than you did the last time.  That doesn’t mean that you need to be improving on every exercise each week, but you should be seeing improvement.  If you aren’t then there is something wrong.  You should be getting stronger as you go, especially after phase 1.

This is especially true with the body weight exercises.  If you pick a number, say 20 push ups, and you only do 20 push ups for the rest of the 90 days, how do you expect to get results?  The 20 might be hard at first but after you do it and get stronger you need to increase to 30, 40, and beyond.  Logging you workouts helps you to look at your old number and say to yourself “I am going to get 2 more reps today”.  Your new number is now “22″.   If you don’t log your reps/weights then you are just guessing.  Don’t guess.  Write it down and reap the benefits.

What Exactly Should I Be Logging?

First and foremost, you should log your reps and weight used.  Second you need to write down if it was tough or easy, so you know that you need to increase or decrease the weight for next time.  Write notes to yourself.  If your form gets sloppy near the end then write it down!  If you stopped early for a mid set break then write it down!  If you crushed your workout that particular day then write it down!  Write down as much as you want, so you can always have a target goal for next time.

I don’t care if you are on your 1st or 15th round of P90X.  If you aren’t logging your workouts then your not getting the most out of what you are doing.

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”

I honestly feel like the people who get the best results with P90X or any fitness program for that matter, are the ones who take it seriously enough to follow directions.  That doesn’t just mean pushing play and eating right, though those are both essential.  But it also means printing out the P90X workout sheets and logging each and every resistance workout.

The difference from getting good results and Extreme results is in the details.  It’s using the right weight, and pushing yourself to be better than you were the last time.  Getting that extra 1 or 2 reps…and making sure you are doing it with proper form.  Will you always do better?  No!  Of course not!  I have workouts were I have to drop weight or I lose reps but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing my best.  We all have days were we just feel “off”, but over the course of time, you should be getting stronger….especially if you are doing P90X for the first time.

Great!  How Do I do it?!?

1.  Download and print out the Workout Sheets HERE and Log your workouts on the SUPER GYM HERE. If you need some for the One on Ones, and I am your coach then message me and  I will send it to you.

2.  USE  THEM! Simple but you would be surprised.  Make it part of your workout schedule.  Grab your workout sheets, pop in the DVD and push play

3.  Ask for help! I am here to help you.  I am a Coach to help you get the best results possible.  So reach out to me!  That’s why I am here.  JOIN MY TEAM HERE,  Join my Private Fitness Group after you join my team, and reach out to me for help!

4.  “Do Your Best and Forget the Rest!”.  If you are truly doing your best then you will get results.  P90X provides the Intensity, you need to bring the  time and consistency.

Do you log your workouts?  Do you find it beneficial if you do?  Do you have questions?  Comment below!