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Tony Horton’s Beach Workout

Lots of you know that I have been working out with Tony Horton and the beach crew for the last couple years now. The beach workout is a workout we do down at the beach where there are gymnastic style equipment that we can use to help test our strength and endurance. I like to think of it as kinda a “game day” of sorts. It’s a workout that I can go and really challenge myself to see how functional my P90X and P90X2 strength really is.

The first time I went down there I was invited by a fellow P90Xer, Nick. Nick introduced me to Tony and the fellas down at the beach. I then provided to get the workout of my life. When I came home I slept for 3 hours. It’s an upper body killer. Since then, I have been a regular down at the beach workout. Driving 40 mins or so just to get a chance to do this workout. It’s a fun day to say the least.

Many of you have been wondering what type of exercises we do at Tony’s Beach workout so I decided to take the camera with me and film some of the moves. I had to leave early this day so I didn’t get to film it all but the video below gives you a pretty good idea of what we do. It consists of 5 rounds of 4 exercises. The exercises rotate from Back to Triceps, to Shoulders, to Chest. Each move is as challenging as the next. We even throw in a mini AB Ripper into the mix as well.

Things do get a little competitive but it’s all in good fun. Some are just there to get some exercise so they modify what they can’t do, the others try for reps, and some are try for perfect form. I am kinda a rep myself, but lately I have been wanting to perfect my form as much as possible. Each of us have our strengths and weaknesses. As you will see from the video my weakness are the Hand Stand Push ups. Those things are a killer. I also currently struggle with Hand stands in general so I am constantly working on those. My favorite moves are mostly the pull up and dip stuff. I love muscle ups and the 3 Pole Climb as well.

Here is the video…I hope you enjoy it!


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Please comment below and let me know what you think of Tony Horton’s Beach Workout.



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