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P90X2 Clips with Coach Sean

Over the past few weeks, Beachbody has been updating their P90X2 videos on youtube.  If you have been following my blog here on then you might have already seen most of the P90X2 Previews that I took from the 2011 Coach Summit.  As you know, I am a P90x2 cast member for 2 of the workouts…Chest Back and Balance, and V-Sculpt.  Both workouts are strength/resistance workouts that most likely be put into the schedule during the Strength Phase of the P90X2 calender.  It will definitely be a phase that I will spend the most time in since you can now choose between 3-6 weeks to spend in that phase.

These workouts were both a blast to do and even more fun to film with the man himself, Tony Horton.  Being on set for P90X2 was an outer body experience to say the least.  Below are the two preview videos that Beachbody has put on YouTube.  As you will see, Chest/Back and Balance is P90X Chest/Back taken up a notch.  You will now be doing totally different pull up moves, and push ups on medicine balls.  This workout blasts me but has made my strength with both push ups and pull ups go through the roof.  V-Sculpt is a Back/Bicep workout that has been put in the Advanced workouts kit, which is available through the Deluxe Kit and Ultimate Kit to pre-order now, BUT It will be available for pre-order separately later in September.  It takes what you have learned in P90X2 foundation phase and applies it to getting the V shape that you have always wanted.  Everything is done in a athletic position to help with functional and core strength.  It’s amazing how much my fitness has improved since I have shot this video and incorporated it into my fitness schedule.  I think you will see for yourself if you compare how I look in V-Sculpt to my Round 8 Results.

I also included the P90X2 Trailer at where you can see extra footage of me doing the “Around the World” Pull up amongst other pull up and push up moves.

Let me know what you think!





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