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100/30/20 Review (One on One with Tony Horton)

Tony Horton’s One on One videos are great for P90X graduates looking to add variety into their routines.  Every month Tony does a new video from inside his home gym using moves from P90X, P90X plus, Power 90 and new moves never seen.  Each routine is unique and out of the 2 years he’s been doing it I have yet to be been disappointed.  This months workout was 100/30/20 and once again Tony delivered a great workout.


100/30/20 consists of 100 jump ropes, 30 ab reps, and 20 push up reps.  It’s totals around 40 mins and is very fast paced.  Each “round” Tony changes up the ab and push-up exercises to hit up different parts of your core and chest, delivering a great Cardio/Core/Chest workout.  Mason, the camera operator and director, adds a challenge to Tony at the very end of the routine that is really fun to do.

Overall I really enjoyed this workout.  If you want to add even more intensity try going to failure on each of the push up exercises, 100/30/Fail info you will.  Your heart rate will be sky high and your chest will burn at the end.  I really like the variety of Ab and push-up exercises that was put into the routine.  The rope jumping was a great way to mix up cardio.  I found it both challenging and a lot more fun than your typical cardio type routines.  I am going to be incorporating this workout into my P90X schedule from now on.  Tony Horton’s One on One dvds continue to deliver the intensity that I have come to love about P90X.  Definitely a great one to get.

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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below or contact me.

-Coach Sean