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Eat Your Way to Great Abs

As they say “Abs are made in the kitchen”. You can do crunches all day but if you aren’t dedicated to a healthy clean diet then it will all be in vain. I received this article from the beachbody news letter and I wanted to share it. Here are some tips by Ben Kallen about […]

Essential Fatty Acids: The Multivitamin of Fats

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are considered “good” fats. They are often call them the “multivitamin” of fats, especially because they are considered as important as, or maybe even more important than, vitamin and mineral supplements. These “good” fats are considered essential because our body cannot make them and therefore EFAs need to come from our […]

Working Out While Traveling! P90X!

It seems to be very common anymore for people to travel for their jobs, and I get the same question over and over again: “How do I keep up with my diet and workouts while traveling?” In this post, I am going to explain what I have done in the past when traveling, including how […]

Contest for my Coaches on my Team!

Hey Everyone, This contest is open for existing coaches on my team and for those who wish to sign up to become coaches either with myself or any of my coaches. Last year, a coach in my upline, KEVIN KANE ran a coach challenge/contest in which the winner won a trip to the Cayman Islands. […]

HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training)

Most of you have read me talk about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that I add 3 days a week to my schedule. I do it for only 15-20 mins at a time, and it adds the same benefit of 1 hour moderate jogging. Here are some new ways to do interval training that I […]

Extra Cardio with P90X

“When should I start adding in an additional cardio workout along with the P90X workouts?” This is a common question that I get, and figured it would be great to address through a blog entry so all of you can have repeated access to it. P90X is tough enough for 95% of people starting out. […]

My Current Diet

Many of you have been asking me what my current diet looks like, so I figured now would be a good time to post it! As you know I believe that extreme results come from 80% diet/proper supplements and 20% intense workout. Currently, I am on my 7th Round of P90X with the goal of […]

My Current Supplements

I strongly believe that the foundation to achieving health and fitness goes is through nutrition. In my opinion results come from 80% diet and 20% intense workout. That being said, I get a ton of questions regarding supplements. Supplements are the icing on the cake. They should only be used after you have gotten a […]

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