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New Tropical Shakeology Impressions

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you heard the BIG news that came from the coach summit. There will be a new Shakeology flavor…and that flavor will be Tropical. One of the biggest surprises for me though, was that Beachbody had it to try! As we left the conference where we heard the big news, they already had employees manning an army of blenders for all those who wanted to try it.

My very first impression was that it was good. The one I got was a little watered down and had fruit in it. Trying to serve Shakeology to 2,500 coaches isn’t an easy feat. So I was pleased when they had it at all the Shakeology breakfasts the next two mornings. I am glad I kept trying it because it got better and better each time I did. By the end, I really enjoyed it. It has a nice tropical blend flavor to it. They added some strawberries and a couple cubes of pineapple to the blender so that really brought out some more flavor. The thing I liked it about the most was that once I got one with the right consistency and fruit, I realized how versatile it was. It really grew on me to the point that I was going back for more…I think I had about 10 before I left :).

As you know, I LOVE chocolate. But the only thing I can’t do with it is add fruit because chocolate + certain fruits don’t go well together. To me, Tropical is the answer to that…maybe even more than greenberry. Blending fruit like strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, banana, etc will go very nicely with Tropical. And if you weren’t a huge fan of the greenberry but want something fruity, then I think you will love Tropical. That’s not to say that greenberry isn’t good, because I know several friends who like it better than the chocolate but since taste is so subjective, I think they filled a nice slot in their taste catalog with this. I love the fact that there are now more flavors to choose from and much more recipes to come.

Another couple cool facts about Tropical is that they are adding a couple new super food ingredients that they discovered over the last year. The first is Coconut Flower Nectar. This is a sweet nectar that comes from the coconut tree. It isn’t very well known but natives have been using it for centuries as a sweetener. As they tested it, they found out that it actually has a near complete chain of amino acids. Yes, a sweetener with an amino acid profile…that blew my mind. This is one of the ways they sweetened Tropical Shakeology.

Another ingredient that will be unique to Tropical Shakeology is Himalayan Salt. Apparently anything that crystallizes in nature is in “bioharmony” with us. It contains 84 electrolytes and has a perfect potassium to sodium ratio. Go figure? Honestly, hearing Daren Olien, Dr. Bill Wheeler, and Isabelle Daikeler talk about Shakeology and all the time and effort they put into sourcing from local farmers, processing the whole food powder so they don’t lose nutrients, and teaching sustainable farming was amazing. These people care about this product and what it can do. I have seen the benefits through my own experience, my families and friends. Can’t wait for the new Tropical Shakeology!

No release date yet…but they said that the packaging is ready and everything is good to go. They are just running a few more tests and it should be released later this year.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to trying Tropical Shakeology?