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Tropical Shakeology Update!

At the Beachbody Leadership Conference that I was invited to and attended this last weekend, Beachbody decided to update all of us coaches on what the latest news was for the Tropical Flavor of Shakeology. We coaches all tried and loved at the new flavor at the coach summit this past June. Initially it was said that it was going to be released this fall. Things didn’t go exactly according to plan but I think that in the end it is a good thing…

So what is the Latest news?…Tropical Shakeology is coming in January and it will be VEGAN! Yep, that’s right….the long awaited Vegan version of Shakeology is coming much sooner than expected.  So what does that mean?  No more problems for those of you who want to stay away from any dairy and animal products.  Shakeology’s protein currently comes from Whey protein isolate, which in my opinion is the best whey protein you can possible use.  But some people just don’t want any dairy or animal products what so ever so now there is an option for them!

One of the coaches on our coaching team, Monica Parodi, also investigated and found out which protein source Tropical Flavor Shakeology will have.  Obviously we didn’t want it to be Soy because of the poor quality and the fact that it isn’t great for men.  So Beachbody is making the protein from sprouted brown rice!  Monica is the resident Vegan and she is very happy with that source of protein.  They also said it will be NON-GMO!  Of course it is!  So what about the other flavors?  Well, all other flavors will eventually roll out into Vegan as well. Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody, said that he hopes everyone will eventually switch to the vegan option since, in his opinion, it will by far be the healthiest.  Interesting…I do know that Co-Creators Darin Olein and Isabelle Daikeler or both vegan so they are obviously trying to make this the healthiest of them all.

They also said that they are taking out the suma root from Tropical so atheletes don’t have to worry about drug testing with it anymore.  Drug tests can determine the difference between a plant sterol and anabolic steroids so obviously this was a concern for athletes.  No more!

Carl also said that it is now his favorite flavor, above chocolate.  Apparently they have worked on the flavor since the coach summit and made it even better.  I can’t wait to try it!  There might even be some cool things for those already on Shakeology Home Direct.

That about wraps up all the latest Tropical Shakeology news. 


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