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Chest X 2.0

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter than you might have seen me refer to my Chest X 2.0 workout that I do typically on Saturdays. Noting the obvious, Chest X 2.0 is a second version of a chest routine that I have been doing lately. If you are wondering what this is and how I got it, then this post is for you.

What is Chest X 2.0?

Chest X 2.0 is a routine that I have formulated myself after researching different ways to build a stronger, more defined upper body. I started doing the first version of it after my 2nd round of P90X. It involves a more traditional approach, using the bench press, smith machine, incline bench and cable fly machine that can be found at any gym. I found that as I progressed with my fitness with P90X, I wanted to be able to do a routine that would be a great addition to my typical P90X schedule. I found that hitting my upper body with more of a traditional, heavy weight workout did the trick. This is a great addition to P90Xs push ups and even P90X2s stability push up moves. “It’s about the confusion baby”(Tony Horton).

This routine is for the more advanced.  I recommend it to those who have done their full 90 days of P90X.  It is focused primarily on the chest with some tricep and shoulder work as well.  It hit’s the chest in almost every angle and incorporates drop sets to help with hypertrophy.

This routine can also be modified if you have an adjustable bench and some dumbbells at home.

When do you do it? How does it fit into the schedule?

I do Chest X 2.0 instead of Kenpo in my P90X schedule. The reason is because I didn’t need more cardio in my routine anymore because I am at a low enough body fat % that I am happy with. I also run (2-3 miles) on my Yoga day. I found that adding 1 more resistance routine was a great way to gain some more mass and keep my strength increasing. I typically advise the people I coach to use the kenpo day as “Miscellaneous” day, if you will. That way you can do what ever you want so you can keep things fun, fresh and keep yourself motivated to try new things. For me this is typically Chest X 2.0 because it’s a routine that I enjoy doing.

How Can I Get Chest X 2.0?

1. You Must be an official member of my team, Get Ripped at Home Crew. To sign up for me as your official coach, all you need to do is click the link and fill out the short form. You will sign up for a free account with me, officially as your coach. CLICK HERE . This way I can keep track of your progress and help you with your results!
2. You need to be a member of my team’s Private Fitness Group on Facebook (HERE). I will only add you if I am your coach so please see step 1. OR if you order something through my site.
- If you have done so, email me asking for the routine. I will check and make sure you ordered product, so please don’t lie. :)
3. After you have done steps 1 and 2, email me through the contact me tab, and ask for a copy of Chest X 2.0.

What Will I Receive with Chest X 2.0?

Again, this is a routine that I came up with myself. This isn’t a workout dvd. I will send you a word document describing each exercise, how to do it, and what order to do it in. It will also describe how many reps and how many sets for each.

You will also get a workout sheet that you can write down your reps and weight for each exercise. It is very similar to the P90X workout sheets.


That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me by commenting on this post or contacting me through the “contact me” tab above. Keep Bringing it! 


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