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Why Do Yoga?

“Do I really need to do the Yoga to get results?” is a questions that I hear on a daily basis.  I know that we love to hate yoga, especially during phase 1.  Why?  probably because we suck at it.  We don’t like doing things we aren’t very good at.  Yoga is a totally different type of workout than the other P90X stuff.  It takes a different type of stamina and metal focus that we Americans are not used to.  We would rather run, jump, and kick our way to better fitness.  Focusing on our breathing, form and balance is probably not something you have ever done before.  So Yoga can feel like a drag at first.  I know that when I first started I wasn’t a fan.  I fell out of all the poses, struggled to do the moves, modified the stretches and was super sore from the Yoga Belly 7 ab routine at the end.  So why is Yoga in P90XBecause it get’s you better results…period.

If you have spent any time listening to Tony Horton talk about P90X, health or fitness in general then you have probably heard him mention the benefits of yoga and why he put it into a fitness program like P90X.  I have even heard him go as far as to say that if he could only do 1 type of workout the rest of his life that he would choose Yoga.  That’s right people…Mr. “P90X Ripped Pull Up Guy” himself said he would pick Yoga! Why?  Because Yoga is the “Fountain of Youth“.  It keeps you limber which makes you younger.  Think of the elderly vs a child.  As you get older you start to contract inward.  You start bending over and you lose your posture and flexibility, yoga helps to prevent that!  Tony even says that Yoga has helped him with all aspects of his fitness and sports.  Strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and coordination are effected by yoga.  Here is a video clip of candid Tony talking about the benefits of yoga in your fitness program and why you should do it, from a couple of other coaches :).


Still not convinced?  If you have tried P90X Yoga X you know that Yoga is tough…very tough.  All you guys out there that think that Yoga is only for women have never tried Yoga before.  It works because it is hard.  P90X takes your weaknesses and makes them strengths.  Yoga allows your body to recover more quickly as well.  After I am done with Yoga I feel amazing.  It’s like having a full body message.  You feel a sensation that only fellow yogies can understand.  Physically you feel limper and strong, mentally you feel focused and stress free.

The other major complaint about Yoga is that it is 90 mins long.  Is that a long time?  Yes it is but typically this is how long Yoga classes are.  That being said, Tony has listened to the complaints and made some other Yoga workouts that take up less time.  If you haven’t heard, P90X2 Yoga is also only 60 mins long.  Here are some Yoga X alternatives that you can get if you don’t want to do the full 90 min Yoga X.

1.  Fountain of Youth Yoga. This comes from volume 1 of the Tony Horton One on One series.  This is my favorite alternative to Yoga X and is the one I recommend the most.  It runs about 45 mins and gives you everything you need in less time to get the most out of the workout.

2.  “Patience” or Humming Bird Yoga. This was Tony’s follow up to Fountain of Youth.  He finds Yoga so important to your health and fitness that he made a Yoga routine that is only 35 mins.  So you have absolutely no more excuses not to do Yoga.  This one comes from Volume 2 of the One on Ones.

3.  Yoga: MC2.  This is the test version of what you will see in P90X2.  This one is an advanced form of Yoga X but lasts only 60 mins.  So if you love yoga and want to take it up a notch then check this one out.

So do yourself a favor, keep an open mind and challenge yourself to do Yoga!  You will not only see benefits physically but you will see benefits mentally.  When I first started Yoga X I was not a fan of Yoga, the more I did it the better I got and the greater my results became.  I now love yoga and I have seen first hand what it has done for my health and fitness with P90X.

What do you think of Yoga X?  Do you do it?  What you tried these alternatives yet?  Which is your Favorite?