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P90X Equipement: What Do I Need?

What Equipment do I need to get the most out of P90X, seems to be a question I get all the time.  The great part about P90X is you don’t need a “home gym” to use the 13 DVD’s, Fitness Guide, and Nutrition Guide that come with P90X.  All you DO need is a Pull Up bar, Dumbbells or Resistance Bands, and your body.

To get the most out of P90X you will definitely need a Pull up bar.  These come in varied shapes and sizes but the most popular are the Door Frame bars and Pull up Stations.  Because of the easy of use and store, P90X came up with it’s own pull up bar that utilizes a door frame and doesn’t require any installation.  They call it the P90X® Chin-Up Bar .

The other key piece of equipment you will need will be some sort of weights or resistance.  I highly recommend getting a set of adjustable dumbbells.  They usually go from 5-50lbs and can be adjusted on the fly in increments of 5lbs.  It is the best way to buy a full set cheaply and space efficiently.  Powerblocks and Bowflex Select tech dumbbells are two of the most widely used.  If you are looking for a lower cost alternative then P90X has a solution as well.  Resistance Bands are a great way to get the resistance you need for a cost effective price.  They come in a wide variety of weight and are extremely versatile.

Other pieces of equipment that will help you on your P90X journey are the PowerStands® — Push Up Bars .  Push up bars help with a wider range of motion and stability while doing push ups, which helps get you greater results.  I love mine so much that I won’t train without them.  Yoga Blocks and Yoga Mat are great for Yoga X.  If you are a beginner and are struggling with some of the postures both of these tools will help you feel for comfortable and stable.  Fore more Cardio minded people, having a Heart Rate Monitor is a great way to make sure you are pushing yourself during routines like Plyo X.

For the more advanced P90Xer I recommend looking into getting a weighted vest.  Weighted Vests are a great for adding resistance to body weight exercises like pull ups, push ups and dips.   I own a 40lb adjustable weighted vest that I use during Chest/Back and other workouts.  I recommend anything between 20-40lbs but 30lb is what I used the most.

If you are looking to buy P90X and getting the equipment as cheaply as possible then be sure you check out the P90X Peak Results Package.  It comes with the P90X program, Chin Up Bar, 3 resistance bands, and the P90X Recovery Formula, everything you need to get started as soon as you get the program.

Please feel free to comment or contact me with any questions.

-Coach Sean