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Nick’s Insane P90X Results

If you think you can’t completely change your health and fitness with a Home workout program, think again.  Nick was out of shape, eating terribly and feeling the effects in his life.  Once he decided to change his life and stop making excuses there was no stopping him.  He committed himself to a healthy diet and got results.  Then he commited to P90X and got INSANE results.  P90X, Insanity, Asylum and lots of sweat later, he is a transformed person.  Living his life the way he chooses, healthy and fit.  A true Get Ripped At Home inspiration.  But he hasn’t stopped there…


Here is Nicks story in his own words:

Those first pictures are from my high school days (circa 2002-2004). Between my junior and senior years of high school, I went from 240LBS to 190 LBS following the Atkins’ Diet (ALL meat, cheese, eggs, and fattening foods). It worked for me, but in retrospect was not the healthiest way to make it happen. Anyway, after high school I went to college and my weight fluctuated between 185-200LBS. After I graduated college, I cut down to 175lbs by eating “healthy” and lifting and doing cardio at the gym. My 175 body was still 20% body fat… I was eating about 16-1800 calories per day (not nearly enough), and much of it was frozen or processed “diet foods”.

Then I discovered P90X. April 2009. Best decision ever. I followed the first round to a T, dropping about 10LBS (from 172-162) and from 20% body fat to around 8%. I was counting every single calorie, and every single macronutrient… but again, in retrospect, my diet lacked MICROnutrients. After my first round of P90X, I started P90X plus, but mobilized a rib and couldn’t lift my arm for about 3 months… I took it a little too easy. I gained some chub back (I was trying the paleo diet), and lost a little muscle. To get back into shape, I did another round of P90X. I finished that round at 170 (the weight I was when I first started P90X, and about 7% body fat (so I gained almost ten pounds, most of it muscle!). After that, I did a round of Insanity. I actually GAINED weight doing Insanity, but lost body fat %. My legs got stronger. Then I did Asylum, and that’s when my diet really started to shift. Asylum recommended cutting out dairy, so I did it, and I’ve never looked back. Asylum got me shredded (that video shows me right after my round of asylum). Then I decided that i wanted to add some mass. I ordered some P90X 1-on-1s and started lifting very heavy, increasing my caloric intake to about 3000 per day. All the while, I continued to tweak my diet, aiming for the highest number of “nutrients per calorie” (nutrients per calorie has since become my mantra whenever people ask me about my diet). It’s not about being Vegan, or not eating meat, or whatever… it’s all about getting the most nutrients per calorie. That’s all that matters. Why? So I don’t have to count calories. So I feel Energized. So I can eat AS MUCH AS I WANT!… and I do eat more than anyone I know. So that brings us to today, Week 6, Day 1 of P90X2. I’m between 172-175 pounds, roughly 8-9% body fat. I don’t count calories. I work hard when I work. And I have fun feeling good and mentoring other people when it comes to health and fitness. I work at Shelton’s Farm Market (my family owned business since 1947) where I oversee the implementation of “Healthful Options” including organics, natural foods, and foods for people with specific dietary needs. I’m also our resident Fruit Peddler. In addition to working at the Market, I am a Personal Trainer at the YMCA, where I work with a multitude of clients, ranging from 10 year old kids to 38 year old 300+ women. Being able to empathize with an overweight person is something that sets me apart from many of the other trainers I know, and I’m happy and proud to have come so far over the past 10 years. Whewwwww!!!! p.s. Here is my first P90X video (parts of it even made it into the P90X infomercial!)

Want to ask Nick how he did it and how he can help you?  You can ask Nick on Facebook by Clicking Here!