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P90X2 Nutrition Preview

One of the most exciting announcements about P90X2 at the coach summit was that there was going to be a whole new nutrition guide that will come with the program. As someone who holds nutrition in very high regard, I was very pleased to find out that P90X2 nutrition guide will be a culmination of several different experts from different nutritional points of view.

From the sound of it, P90X2 nutrition will be a much more versatile and individual diet plan. Just how we are all have different tastes and genetics, the P90X2 nutrition guide will take that into account and will give a little something for everyone. From Vegans to Paleo’s, it sounds like the P90X2 nutrition guide will have different recipes for each taste. They are also including Shakeology into the diet plan, which is a very cool thing. I take Shakeology everyday so I will be excited to see how they incorporate it into the P90X2 diet.

This is very exciting news because some people found it hard to adjust the P90X diet based on their individual needs. I have had a lot of people ask me how Tony can be vegan and still get results or when to add Shakeology. There will be no more second guessing anymore because the new guide will have all you need to know. It will be very interesting to see how they have put together the guide to please both sides of the nutrition spectrum. I am also curious how those in the middle, like me, will be able to learn something new and apply it so we can take our fitness and nutrition to the next level. The more I keep hearing about P90X2 the more excited I get.

Here is a video that I took at the coach summit of Carl Daikler and Tony Horton talking about some of the details of the P90X2 nutrition and how it is different from the P90X diet. Of course Tony throws in some humor to keep it interesting. Enjoy!

What do you think? Are you as excited as I am to see what it’s all about? Let me know!


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