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P90X2 Workout Preview: Plyocide

The second preview that I wanted to show everyone from P90X2 is the workout Plyocide. Plyocide is the successor to Plyometics from P90X. In the upcoming P90X2, Plyo is taken to the next level. There are added weight and different moves that are going to make you take your jumping to the next level. Just like with P90X2 Chest/Back and Balance, Plyocide adds some medicine balls to help with some explosive movements as well as lateral movements, which is meant to improve agility and vertical.

One thing that is different about Plyocide vs Plyometics is the addition of more than just jumping exercises. Plyo pushups, side to side exercises and agility drills are also added to the mix. I have a hard time calling this a cardio workout because there is so much more to it than just getting your heart rate up.

Check out the video of the P90X2 Plyocide crew getting all of what Plyocide has to offer.   As Carl Daikeler says “This one is going to kill people”…



I was able to do an almost final version of this workout during the pre-rehearsals and it was brutal.  In the video you can see one of the moves where you hold a medicine ball and do a squat jump as high as you can.  You can also see a agility move where you are going around touching a med ball as fast as you can with our feet while rotating around it.  It like moves like this because it takes focus on concentration.  Two things that you will need a lot of in P90X2.

Once again I am excited to try the true version of Plyocide when P90X2 comes out later this year.  For more info check back this week.  I will keep posting previews for P90X2.

What do you think of Plyocide so far?  Think you will be able to handle it?