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Jed lost 12% body fat with P90X2!

Jed lost body fat and got ripped with P90X2.  His consistency, dedication to his diet and workouts, and his will to complete the program shows in his results.  Not only did Jed lost 21.5 lbs in 90 days but he also lost 12% body fat and gained a ton of strength and muscle.  He can now do over 20 pull ups!  P90X2 helped Jed not only get visual results but his performance and physical ability has skyrocketed.   Check out his P90X2 results video and story below

Here is Jed’s Story in his own words…

Having been doing P90X since January of 2010, I was excited to learn about its successor, P90X2. During my time doing P90X over the course of two years, I saw some pretty good results, but not as much as I was hoping. I travel a lot and didn’t quite have the discipline to take P90X on the road as often as I should have. What’s more, I never followed the nutrition guide. I knew it was time to change that, and when I learned that P90X2 was coming out, it was the perfect opportunity to start over fresh.

My goals with P90X2 were similar to my goals with P90X: 1) get better at pull-ups and other exercises 2) get toned and lower my Body Fat percentage. Just before starting P90X2, I measured my Body Fat % to be just over 18%. When I saw that I knew I couldn’t ignore the nutrition side of things, so I stuck to the nutrition guide and also got Shakeology to help out with my nutrition gaps.

The workouts were very challenging. In just the first month, I was having to eat humble pie on almost every exercise, like having to half my weight on bicep curls… because I was doing them in warrior 3. The biggest challenge, yet most fun, was sticking to the nutrition guide. Refusing many a desert on family or friend get-togethers was tough, but trying out some of the recipes in the guide helped diversify my eating habits. Each day I progressed in my workouts and refused to compromise in my nutrition, I felt stronger, more energetic, and more relaxed (thank you rumble roller) because of P90X2.

In three months I went far past the goals I set for myself. I have almost doubled the amount of pull-ups I can do, how far I can stretch, and how long I can last with wall squats. I can jump higher, run faster, and lift more weight. What’s more, I lost 66% of my body fat, going from 18% to 6.3% and lost 21.5 pounds. I did not think all that was possible within 3 months. Also, because I followed the nutrition plan, took Shakeology, and used the rumble roller, I didn’t get sick or injure myself to stop me from achieving my goals.

P90X2 is truly a perfect sequel in every way to P90X. The two things I like about P90X is that it had a lot of variety and was very challenging. P90X2 basically takes both of those aspects to new extremes. With P90X, the three phases only ever really varied in the Day 1 and Day 3 upper body exercises, for lower body, Plyo and Legs and back were it. With P90X2, only phase 2 has a resemblance to the original, with Phase 1 and phase 3 being almost completely new. So basically P90X2 has three times more variety than the original.

As far as challenging goes, P90X2 really does bring it to the next level. With moves like Impossible/Possibles, Lolasanas, Levers, or the combination of moves in the PAP workouts, they make P90X look like a walk in the park (though it definitely isn’t). The biggest challenge for me has been applying balance to most of the strength moves. In a way, this makes your body feel more “connected.” It’s weird, but I have even noticed things like walking, posture, and sleeping seem easier because of these workouts.

Overall P90X2 has surpassed P90X as the best possible workout program.

If you would like to Ask Jed about his results or get advise from him please visit him at Fitness For Travel