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Matthew Gets Shredded with P90X2!

P90x2 can truly take your fitness to the next level.  Just ask Matthew, who got completely shredded with P90X2.  Not only did he lose 12 lbs in 90 days but he also dropped his body fat below 9% and was able to strengthen his core and runs in obstacle course runs for fun!  He showed his commitment to his workouts but he also followed the P90X2 diet and stuck to it 100%.

Here is Matthews P90X2 results story in his own words…

I was always a reasonably athletic kid, but was chubby from late elementary until late high school. But in my early 20s, I got in great shape and really fell in love with fitness, so much so that I became a trainer in the late 90s. But that was also when I got married and had a child and was having a hard time paying the bills being new to personal training and not associated with a gym. So I got a steady job and spent time in and out of shape… mostly in, but there were some definite lulls. But I never fell out of love with fitness.

In 2006, my wife got hurt training for a marathon but we had already paid for the hotel and she had raised money for the race. So that left me with six weeks to train, which I did, and ran a respectable 3:39. This really made me appreciate how our bodies were created to do amazing things. I’m not saying that I’m amazing, but the fact that the human body can adapt, improve, and change in such a short time and complete a rather hard task left me inspired. And I don’t take it for granted (neither does my wife and we won’t let our children either).

In 2009, my wife and I went through P90X for the first time and that’s when she qualified for the Boston Marathon for the first time. Coincidence? Nope.

So here we are a few years and three more kids later, still bringing it, and still eager to do more. But we don’t want to do more (i.e., be in great shape) merely for the sake of fitness or exercise, but for the freedoms it brings, for the confidence it builds, for the example it sets, and for the worlds it opens up.

What motivated you to start P90X2?

I had completed a few rounds of P90X and was a big believer in muscle confusion. When you eat right, you can get amazing results with P90X. And I knew that would be the case with P90X2. Tony does a great job teaching, motivating, and still keeping the vibe loose. Furthermore, I was really curious about the science behind some of the workouts and moves, like PAP, neuro-integrated stretching, and myofascial release. So it was really a no-brainer.

What was your favorite part about P90X2?

Hard to list just one. I’m a huge fan of variety and P90X2 was jam packed with it. I’ve been lifting weights for 15+ years, but there were moves in P90X2 that I’d never seen or could have ever come up with on my own. Furthermore, I felt as though I was being trained like an elite athlete. I like throwing around dumbbells and whatnot, but these moves were building my athleticism, not just my muscles. A buddy that was has been working out with me use to be in the Navy. He told me that many of the moves we are doing in P90X2 are moves he’s seen the Navy SEALS do! So that gave me even greater confidence and motivation to bring my best effort. I also loved all the new gear. I love incorporating the medicine balls and stability balls into my routine. There are SO many moves you can do with this equipment. And the rumble roller is painful paradise.

What is your advise to those looking to start P90X2?

If you want to train like you’ve always trained, you can have the results that you’ve always had. But if you want the most advanced home workout exercise science has to offer, if you want to be trained like the elite athlete hidden in most all of us, and if you want performance-oriented results that will help everyone from the stay-at-home mom to the fitness enthusiast, this is the solution. But like P90X before it and all the other Beachbody programs, they don’t pretend to do the hard work. The programs by themselves will do you no good. You have to supply the hard work. And Beachbody makes no bones about that. They don’t pretend it will be easy, cause it won’t. The programs are not magic.

You see, the answer is you. You are the magic bullet… and Beachbody is the trigger.

Want to find out how Matthew got ripped with P90X2?  You can contact him through his site, Gym Optional