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1.M.R Review

1.M.R or (1 more rep) burst onto the scene after the hype of Jack3d and its ultra concentrated formula.  Just like Jacked, 1.M.R promised to be the most powerful and effective pre-workout supplement currently on the market.  Unlike other “ultra-concentrated” pre-workout supplements 1.M.R promises that you only need 1 scoop to feel effectiveness, and they may be right.  I decided to try it out after I heard many good things from customers that I coach.  I have been taking it for the last month and put it to the test on every type of workout I do.

Supplement Review:

Right now I am doing a hybrid schedule involving P90X and Insanity.  Both programs are extreme and require a lot of energy and endurance.  I first tried 1.M.R on Chest/Back from P90X.  I used 1 scoop only (which is a little bit larger than 1 scoop of Jack3d) and felt a burst of energy in about 15 mins after drinking it.  I thought I had built up a tolerance to caffeine but this stuff really got me going.  The energy I felt from 1.M.R was greater than any other pre-workout supplement I have tried.  I was able to burst through quite a few personal records and increase my reps on almost every exercise.  The pump I got from it was much greater than Jack3d as well.  Overall I was pretty impressed by the workout I had.

The next workout I tried was Max Sports Interval Training from Insanity.  Same feeling of energy and focus as I got from Chest/Back but this time I wore a heart rate monitor.  I noticed that during the more intense parts of the cardio my heart rate was a little bit higher than usual.  I was able to have another great workout, but 30 mins after I finished I totally crashed.

The best part was it didn’t effect my sleep at all.  By the time I went to bed I felt tired and didn’t wake up at all during the night…unlike jack3d.  I think it may be because there is more caffeine in 1.M.R and less 1, 3 dimethylamylamine.   But that is just a theory.
I am almost done with my tub of 1.M.R and still feel the effects from it.  It get’s me a little too hyped up so I only use it on my really extreme workout days.

Taste: 9/10

I bought the Lemon flavor and liked it a lot.  Tastes a lot like Lemonade.  I have also tried the fruit punch and thought it was terrible.  I would stick with the lemon.  It mixes well and is great with 120z of water.

Energy/Focus: 10/10

Just like Jack3d, 1.M.R really shines here.  I felt more initial energy than Jack3d and didn’t have any of the sleeplessness.  If you aren’t used to caffeine than I would stay away from 1.M.R, this stuff is very powerful.  If you are a caffeine junky then you will love this stuff.  Try it on a morning workout first because the energy can last for a few hours.

Pump: 8/10:

The pump from 1.M.R is much better than Jack3d.  I felt almost the same amount of fullness and vascularity as Xpand.  If your looking for something that gives more pump then Jack3d than this is the one for you.


Giving a supplement a full 10/10 doesn’t seem right because I don’t really believe they are “magic” strength boosters but I was able to burst personal records on just about every workout I did the first time taking it.  Just like Jack3d, I would say it was due to the energy than the creatine.  There probably isn’t enough creatine monohydrate in there for it to make a huge difference but try it and see for yourself.


1.M.R lives up the marketing claim that you only need 1 scoop.  I wouldn’t ever recommend taking more.  You can truly get 1 more rep when you take this stuff.  It gave me a better pump than Jack3d, more energy, and more strength.  I was able to sleep at night and didn’t suffer too badly from the crash afterward.  If you like the “ultra-concentrated” trend in pre-workout supplements than you will love 1.M.R.

Overall:  9.5/10

Tell me what you think of 1.M.R…One of the best out there or just Hype?