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P90X2 X2 Core Review

P90X2 is finally here and I officially started on January 2nd.  I wanted to review each workout as I went through the program, so here is the first one…P90X2 X2 Core Review.  X2 core is the introductory workout to the P90X2 program.  As the name implies, it is a workout that is all based around working your core.  Your core is defined as the area from you chest, down to your hips, front and back.  Most people only focus on the front (ab side) of their core and forget that you need to work their entire core.  X2 Core does just that.


Overall the workout is around an hour.  Tony Horton takes you through the new warm up that you will see during the whole P90X2 program.  The warmup is very well thought out.  Each movement has a meaning and is there to help get you warmed up so you can perform to the best of your ability.  Foam rolling is introduced in X2 Core as well.  The foam roller will become your new best friend as you start to utilize it before and after your workouts.  In just the short time that I had been using the foam roller, I had already seem a difference in decreased muscle soreness and great range of motion…I’m sold.

The Warm up itself is longer than the others you will find in the P90X2 workouts to come.  But that makes sense.  This is the foundation phase after all, so you need to get down the fundamentals first.   By no means does that mean that this is an easy workout though.  Some of these moves are very challenging, especially the first time through.  I know that I struggled a little the first time through but when do you it the second time, you will be amazed at how great of a workout this can be.  The ability to push yourself during the second time through makes all the difference.  So make sure you print out the workout sheets and really get after it.

Some of the highlights from the workouts are moves like Sphinx Plant crunch, Half Angel, 3 Speed Med Ball Push-ups, core circles, Slo-mo Balance Climbers and X2 Divers.  Yes, those are actually exercises…trust me they make more sense when you do them.

The best tip I can give you when doing this workout is make sure you are engaging your core on each move.  These moves are very deliberate and are meant to strengthen your weak points.  So engage, engage, engage.  Make sure you are using perfect form on everything you do.  This is a workout that you will see major improvements on each and every time you do it.  That’s one of the best things about P90X2, each time you do a workout you will see great strength and performance improvements.

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What did you think of the P90X2 X2 Core?  Did you like my X2 Core Video Review?