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AmiNO Energy Review

The latest supplement I wanted to review was one that I have been trying for the past 30 days, AmiNO energy by Optimum Nutrition.  AmiNO energy is a BCAA/Pre-workout supplement that I have come across because it had gotten good reviews and I was looking for something that I could use as a pre workout that didn’t have creatine.  Why didn’t I want creatine?…because I’m currently cycling off of it and wanted to give myself a break.  This supplement fit perfectly because it still gave me a little energy before my workout and was filled with some BCAAs to help with muscle growth, But did it stack up to the others I have tried?  Read on to see.

Ingredients: I really liked the ingredients used in AmiNO energy due to the BCAAs used and the Beta Alanine.  I thought they combined the right types of Amino acids into the supplement with not that many fillers.  If your a artificial sweeter hater than you probably will mark it down in that category, but it is very hard to find a supplement that doesn’t have one in it.  The one thing I didn’t like was that it has mostly Taurine (listed as for first ingredient).  While Taurine has it’s place, I would have rather seen a BCAA be a main ingredient.  But that aside I did like the fact they had some Beta Alanine and arginine as well.  I also liked how they included caffeine from Green Tea.  The only problem is the dosing.  You don’t get very much per serving.

Rating:  8/10


Taste/Mixability: It is typically very difficult to make BCAAs taste decently but I think that Optimum Nutrition did a great job with Amino Energy.  I really like the taste.  The flavor that I tried was Fruit Punch and though it is a bit strong, I really enjoyed the flavor.  Taste is subjective but if your a fruit punch person I think you will enjoy this.  I got my fiance to try it as well and she also liked the taste…she is usually very picky.

Rating: 9.5/10


Effect: For a product that only uses green tea caffeine I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of energy it gave me during my workouts.  The more scoops you use the more caffeine (typically 50 mg per scoop) but just getting 1-2 servings gives you enough sustainable energy to get you through the most grueling of P90X or Insanity workouts.  I found that it worked well for both Cardio and Resistance.  They say you can use this for an afternoon “pick me up” as well so they are trying to market the product for being versatile.  I only have used it as a pre workout.

Rating: 8.5/10


Conclusion: Overall I like this product.  It fits great into my diet when I am cycling off of create but still need a little energy.  The Amino Acids are also a great benefit to your pre workout nutrition.  I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to try a pre workout type of supplement but doesn’t want to get one with creatine or other stimulants.  It is great for when your cycling off of creatine as well and is a good for someones first glimpse at what pre workouts have to offer.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10