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Devlin’s Amazing P90X Results

Devlin proves that you can completely change your lifestyle and become a whole new person. His P90X transformation is incredible. He did it all, lost a ton of weight by running and eating better. As he continued to run he had trouble gaining healthy muscle mass so he committed to P90X for the full 90 days. He was then able to gain mass, strength and size. Talk about a complete turn around.



A little bit of Devlin’s Story in his own words:

I finally came to a point in my life that I knew I needed change. I was overweight, my blood pressure was skyrocketing, and my heart was skipping beats while I was just sitting down. My wife made me promise to make a change. I started running. I lost the necessary weight, but I was still having difficulty gaining healthy, lean muscle. Until P90X. I had heard about it from TV and friends, but I decided to try it myself. I am so glad I did. Watch my video, and you’ll watch my life change before your very eyes. You can also see more at my blog,

What do you think of Devlin’s P90X Transformation? Do you think you can turn around your life like he did? Have you already?