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P90X2 Preview: Chest Back and Balance

The greatest part of the coach summit P90X2 preview was being able to get a sneak preview of 12 out of the 14 workouts that will be coming in P90X2.  Since I was glued to the screen with my handy dandy video camera, you will be able to see them all.  I decided to show Chest Back and Balance first because it is one of the workouts that I am in, so I obviously know the most about it.  The video of the actual workout is short, no more than a 10 secs really but you will get an idea of some of the moves, where I will be in the video, and what to expect.  Tony Horton also talks about how difficult some of these moves are at first and how you will be able to keep doing these workouts for years to come because of the different levels of difficulty that you can work up to.

The quality of the video is fair so try viewing it in high def to see if it looks better.



As you can see from the video, you will be incorporating some new equipment and moves into this new Chest and Back workout.  What you can’t see is that there is also a modifier using a door on the left side of the set.  You will be able to do every single one of these workouts without a pull up bar, balls, or weights.  All you will need are bands.  I thought that was a very cool idea…Now you can travel, take P90X2 with you and still get a great workout.

If you have Chest Back and Balls from the P90X: One on One series, then you will see that this is very similar.  There are some differences but a lot of the moves are very closely related.  The video first shows X pull ups, where you need to use perfect form to do as many pull ups as you can while keeping your legs out like an “X”.  This is a wide pull up that is put at the beginning of the workout (thank god).  I love the fact that these types of moves are in P90X2 because it forces you to use good form and not to kip in order to get more reps up…which ultimately makes you stronger and build more dense muscle.

The next P90X2 exercise you see are Plyo push ups on medicine balls (I am in the back).  You can see very easily from Tony that you use 3 balls and plyo from one to the other.  Very tough move that takes some practice.  But the way they are structuring the program, you should be able to do these buy the time you get to this workout.  You can also see the modifier on the left.

Next comes Levers!  I Love levers.  It’s one of those moves that is skill based, but once you get it down it looks really cool.  You can see on the right, that there is a band assist.  That band assist is money during this workout.  If there are moves you can do then you will be able to practice them very easily with this new tool.  The band assist was introduced in P90X2 to help those who use a chair to get even more out of pull ups.

The last move shown is 4 ball push ups.  Basically you are doing regular push up on 4 medicine balls or any sports ball (basketball, soccer ball, etc).  Again this isn’t anything different for those who get P90X:One on One but it will be to the other 99% of the world.  It’s a move that really makes you engage your core and gives you a great pump.

Here is a little inside knowledge.  I was just getting over a cold that day…bummer uh?  Yeah, how would you like to get sick 5 days before shooting P90X2 and have to go do these moves?  I didn’t let it get me down though.  I was probably about 90% that day so some of my numbers were down from before but I think I managed pretty well.  So if you beat me, you now know why ;).  You like how I through in a little disclaimer there? Honestly though P90X2 : Chest Back and Balance is going to be a great workout that will love you humbled at first and have you feeling like an elite athlete when you get better at it.

What do you think of P90X2 so far?  Does Chest Back and Balance look like fun, intimidating, or both?



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