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What Is Team Beachbody?

Most of you who read this blog know about P90x, Insanity, TurboFire or Shaekology.  Did you know that a company called Beachbody makes all these products?  Do you know the mission of Carl Daikeler (CEO) and Jon Congdon (President) vision of Beachbody as a company?  Well, Beachbody’s goal/mission is to end the trend of obesity in America.  He recognizes how valuable we are in helping and encouraging those we care about that he as put together incredible incentives for us to join with him in spreading this idea.  To Help Others Live Healthy Fulfilling Lives by Helping them with their Health and Fitness.

The whole concept of Team Beachbody was to gather people together so we can support and motivate each other to stay consistent with our health and fitness.  Becoming a Team Beachbody coach was more to me than just an opportunity to make money.  It was an opportunity to help contribute to this cause and to do my small part in helping to end this horrible obesity trend that we have in this country.  By becoming a Team Beachbody coach I have been able to help literally hundreds of people help change their lives through these great products that Beachbody has made.  This has truly been an opportunity to change lives, give people hope, and partner with others to help them achieve their goals that they never thought possible by themselves.  You can do the same thing with your life.

Do you have Friends, Family, Co-workers, Neighbors who you know would benefit from a healthier lifestyle and a fitness program like P90X, Insanity or TurboFire, etc?  Watch this video! And give them the link to this video so they can see for themselves that there is a better way! A REAL way to get out of the rut and get on the right track!  Both with their fitness and their finances!



Beachbody has proven that they can help to change people’s lives through their high quality fitness programs. P90X has completely revolutionized home workouts and it has become a cultural phenomenon. P90X2 is coming this winter and is going to be everything P90X was and more. Shakeology has helped change the lives of my family, friends and the people that I coach. Each year Team Beachbody grows and each year they continue to put out high quality products. Their high standards for no nonsense fitness programs and high quality supplements is what makes Beachbody different. Do you want to be a part of Team Beachbody? If you want to take the lead in your family / neighborhood / work / school / church, and you want to show those you care about how to reach their goals, then Beachbody coaching might be your calling! Email me and I’d be happy to share with you some of the specifics!