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Tai Cheng Workout

Many of you heard me talk about one of the developmental programs that Beachbody is coming out with called “Tai Cheng“. Tai Cheng is a Tai-Chi based workout that is meant to help you balance out your body using the ancient martial art of Tai-Chi. Based on the movements, concepts, and theories of traditional Yang style Tai-Chi, the Beachbody Tai Cheng workout program is named after its creator, Dr. Mark Cheng. The Mandarin Chinese translation of Tai Cheng is the “Supreme Accomplishment” in whole body health, which seems to work nicely…doesn’t it?

The Tai Cheng workout is based on classical Tai-Chi techniques, ancient Chi Kung practices, and modern corrective exercise patterns that both rehab and prehab the body, improving the body’s metabolism, joint function, stress management, and athletic performance! Which to me sounds pretty cool. Check out the latest video below!


What is the Tai Cheng Program Like?

Tai Cheng is a 13 week regimen that delivers tremendous benefits, whether you’re doing the first level moves and using the support of a wall or you’re an elite athlete who is looking to improve your athletic performance in safer, more holistic ways.

Every day, Tai Cheng takes you through a gentle energizing warm up and teaches you a new Tai-Chi move. These workouts are designed to improve balance, awaken dormant energy sources, tone and strengthen your muscles, soothe stiffness, and increase your range of motion.

Is the Tai Cheng For You?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:


  • Are you ready to improve your metabolism and physical stamina?
  • Have you been trying to figure out how to begin exercising after a long layoff?
  • Do you want to improve your body’s ranges of motion, balance, and neuromuscular control?
  • Are you tired of doing workouts that leave you unable to function the next day due to pain or injury?
  • Are you interested in martial arts but not eager to show up to work with a black eye, busted lip, or twisted ankle?

Who is Dr. Mark Cheng?

Mark Cheng became fascinated by Chinese martial arts early in childhood, gaining his first exposure to Tai-Chi from his father. He later went on to study acupuncture and other forms of Chinese medicine, specializing in orthopedics, eventually earning licensure to practice acupuncture in the State of California and a Ph.D. in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Through his involvement with Chinese medicine, he also became fascinated with strength and conditioning training, studying closely with Russian Kettlebell Challenge founder, Pavel Tsatsouline. Under Tsatsouline, Dr. Cheng met Functional Movement Systems founder and physical therapy guru, Gray Cook. While studying with Cook, Dr. Cheng became increasingly fascinated with Tai-Chi as a means of functional movement training and injury rehabilitation.

Few, if any, instructors bring together the rare mix of martial arts mastery, strength and conditioning authority, Chinese medicine knowledge, and functional movement training expertise to fitness like Dr. Cheng does.

When will Tai Cheng Be Released?

Beachbody hasn’t said much but from what I am hearing it will be released sometime in February.  Except to be able to pre-order it before its realesed.

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Does this look like a program that you would like to try? What do you think of this overall concept for a workout program? Comment below!