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Coach Summit 2012 Recap!

To sum it all up, the Coach Summit 2012 was UNBELIEVABLE.  This year the coach summit was held in Las Vegas.  I know that Las Vegas is probably the last place you think about when it comes to health/fitness but when you have over 6,000 coaches taking over a casino, it becomes one.  The Coach Summit was held at the MGM Hotel/Casino.  It ended up being the perfect place for us.  Lots of room for workouts, a huge stadium for the main events and celebrations, and a giant outdoor pool area for parties.

Summit 2012 was more than just hearing about new products, learning how to become better coaches, and having a good time with 6,000 of our closest friends…it was also about our friend Jessica.  Jessica was a Grand Prize Finalist for the Beachbody Challenge!  She was 1 of 4 women chosen to possibly win the $100,000.  For Katie and I, this is what coaching is all about.  This is why we are coaches.  We were there to celebrate her transformation, her 85lb+ weight loss, and the new healthy life that she has now that she has chosen to live.  Even though she didn’t win the Grand Prize, she walked away with $25,000 and an unbelievable experience.

Day 1

We arrived in Vegas on Thursday and had a chance to go straight down to the festivities.  Beachbody had taken over the convention center.  Everywhere you turn there were coaches wearing P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Shakeology, apparel.  We saw many friends on our way to the CORE (a mini shopping mall with apparel, shakeology bar, programs to buy, a stage for the trainers, contests, etc).  It was pretty incredible.  After killing some time we were off to the first workout of the trip.  Tony Horton hosted a GIANT workout in one of the many enormous convention halls.  I was lucky enough to be on stage with Tony, Mark Briggs, Joel Sydanmaa, and Monica Parodi, to name a few.  Working out in front of a room of people as far as you can see was amazing.  Tony took everyone through his UMLC routine that he does on his military tours.  Afterward we took pictures and I had many comments about my black socks.  Even got some Edgar Allen Poe references :).

That night was the 5 Year Birthday Bash for Team Beachbody.  It was held by the pool and it was PACKED.  There were cirque du soleil style performers, places to take pictures, food, drinks, dancing, and even fireworks that they shot over the MGM hotel.  Amazing!!

 Day 2

Waking up at 5:30am in Las Vegas just doesn’t seem natural…haha.  But that’s what you do when you have Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, the Les Mills Trainers, Dr. Mark Cheng, and others hosting workouts.  Being the loyal Turbo Girl that Katie is, we went to Chalene’s workout.  Yes, I went and did TurboFire with Katie and a bunch of coordinated Turbo fanatics at 6:30am ;).  It was actually a GREAT cardio workouts.  I was dripping after we were finished.  Chalene knows how to work the crowd and she does it without breaking a beat.  Way more fun than I had anticipated.  Even made me forget how early it was.

The main session came later that morning.  This is where we learned about all the latest and greatest products coming out in the coming year.  Some of the highlights were:

  • Body BEAST:  A new MASS gaining program that uses Dynamic Set Training to build muscle mass like a body builder.  They also introduced the newest training to Beachbody, Sagi Kalev.  I think Sagi was out on stage for about 10 secs before he was taking his shirt off…the dude is HUGE.   Body BEAST is out Now!  See the program section!
  • Asylum Vol 2 – Elite Sports Training:  Asylum vol 2 was announced and we got a glimpse of some of the workouts.   I didn’t think they could make Asylum any tougher but it looks like they did.  They even have Apollo Ono as a spokesperson for it.  Look for it coming out THIS FALL 2012.
  • Chocolate Vegan Shakeology:  This is the brand new flavor for the Ultimate vegan line of Shakeology.  It has a Dark chocolate flavor with some new added super foods.  This is also out now!  We had a chance to taste it and it might even be better than the current chocolate.  Yep, it’s true.  This is now available!
  • Les Mills Combat:  They are expanding the Les Mills line by offering a new program called COMBAT.  This is a MMA style workout that uses hard pumping music to keep up your intensity.  Pre-Orders will begin in the Fall of 2012 with a December release date.  If you have Les Mills Pump advanced dvds then you have tried this style of workout…it’s a blast.
  • Derm Exclusive:  Beachbody has a skin care line…yep, news to me too.  They have decided to offer it through coaches now.  So you can order it through me as well.  No I haven’t used it ;).

From the main session we went to extra trainings where we got to listen to some of the top coaches on how to become better at coaching all of you.  Lots of great info.  From there Tony Horton hosted another workout that night.  Once again, I was up on stage with him.  He took everyone through CVX (Cardio Vascular Extreme) which is a brand new workout we shot for all the P90X certified coaches last month.  This is a tough workout when I filmed it and it was just as tough this time.  Afterward there were more pictures and then we had to rush off to the Diamond Reception.

The Diamond Reception is for all coaches who are Diamond and higher.  Since I fall into this category I was able to go.  It was held at Wet Republic, which is an exclusive pool / bar/ scene at the MGM.  I was also lucky enough to go to the VIP area with Tony and his mini entourage.  This part was an absolute blast.  Great Food, dancing, pictures, atmosphere, people, etc….just a great time.  Katie and I snuck off after it ended and had not 1, not 2 but 3 desserts.  What’s Vegas without a little debauchery It was a good day ;).

Day 3

SUPER WORKOUT!  Day 3 started once again at 5:30 am…what?!?  We were up again to go workout but this time it was for the Super Workout that was held right off the Las Vegas Strip.  This time every single trainer would be there, giving it their best for 15-20 mins.  There were over 5000 coaches working out together.  It was awesome.  I was able to go on stage again with Mark, Joel, Monica, and of course the man himself, Tony Horton.  We took the crowd through the new MMX (Mixed Martial-Arts Xtreme) another workout we shot for the P90X certified coaches.  To say it was an outer body experience would be selling it short.  It was crazy.  I was truly awestruck by all the people in the crowd.  The 20 mins went by in a blur and we were then off to the next session.

More great speakers and info from Beachbody Corporate.  We were also able to hear from the Co-Creator of Shakeology about the benefits of the Ultimate Reset, which I am now sold on trying later this year.  As well as Dr. Marcus Elliott who heads up P3 and helped Tony develop P90X2 and the PAP workouts.

I even joined a pull up contest where I did 35 or 36 (I can’t remember) pull ups.  That was pretty fun :).

The day was a whirlwind with the main event of the night being the celebration event.  This was a fun time.  We were able to celebrate the top coaches as well as the Beachbody Challenge Finalists.  Jessica was up on stage getting her $25,000 and it was the perfect climax to the whole trip.  The after party went late into the night.  You might not think coaches know how to party but wow, there were some crazy times at that after party.  Dancing, dessert (my favorite), drinks and good times all around.



Day 4

At this point we felt like we were there for longer than 4 days.  To say that our trip was packed would be an understatement.  We slept in as much as we could before heading back on the road.  Got to meet some coaches for breakfast, say our goodbyes and wait for next year.

The Coach Summit is an unbelievable experience that gives you long lasting memories.  Being with 6,000 like minded coaches is great.  Watching the coaching network grow from year to year has been awesome.  It is so great to see that we are committing to making a change in America when it comes to health and fitness.  As coaches we are striving to pay it forward and helping as many people change their lives through these great fitness programs.   This is an event that you MUST get to next year.  It’s not only fun, educational and motivating but it’s life changing.  Workout with your favorite trainers, learn about the latest and greatest products, educate yourself and come hang out with me and all the other coaches from around the country!

If you would like to See more highlights or Learn more about Coaching please contact me via Facebook.  I would love to have you join my GR@H Coaches Crew so we can help change the obesity crisis in our country.

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