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Why I’m a Coach

When I started P90X back in January of 2009, I never thought that I would helping others with their health and fitness goals on a everyday basis.  I started P90X like anyone else, watching the infomercial late at night or early in the morning wondering if I could really get “ripped in 90 days” like the success stories.  When I got P90X as a present for Christmas, opened the package and put that first disc in, I had no idea that my life was going to change the way that it has…

Just like many of you who have found this blog, I Googled P90X and came across the P90X message boards.  There I found like minded individuals talking about health and fitness and being successful with P90X.  As I plugged myself into the boards I found Josh Spencer, who I would eventually make my coach.  I didn’t think I needed that much help but as I went through P90X I discovered that having someone to help motivate, support, answer questions, and help me stay accountable was crucial to my success.  Josh was a wealth of knowledge. Seeing his success with P90X and his willingness to help others succeed was inspiring.  You see, I always liked helping people.  In college I was a psychology major because I wanted to make a career out of helping others with their struggles.  As I started to learn and get great results with P90X, I started to do the same thing Josh was doing…help others succeed with their Health and Fitness.

When day 90 rolled around and I sent Josh my before and after photos he immediately wanted to talk.  He told me that he saw that I had a passion for helping others and I had a passion for health and fitness.  I encouraged me to think about coaching to help others do what we had done…change our lives through health and fitness.  I honestly wasn’t sure at first…I had a great job that I liked and I wasn’t sure if I was fit to be a coach.  But one thing kept encouraging me to do it.  The way I felt helping others be successful.  If I could help change the life of someone then it was worth it to me.   I also felt that it was a great way to keep me accountable and keep me pushing play.  It combined two  huge interests of mine…Helping others and Fitness. So I called Josh, and dove into team beachbody coaching.

Fast forward 2 years.  Things have grown for me tremendously.  I am now part of Tony’s beach workout crew (thanks Tony), a cast memeber of P90X2, and a Diamond coach.  I never would have dreamed I would be where I am at because of P90X and coaching.  I am not only able to help others but I am also able to be much more financially secure.  My student loans are no longer a problem, my pay payment is never a second thought and I am able to pay for everything I need for my health and fitness without worry. I was even able to pay for my Fiance’s engagement ring through coaching alone.  How nice is that?

I’m also constantly working to maximize my team members (get ripped at home crew, W00T!) results with nutrition, supplement, and workout advice.  The crazy part is that in my own way, I am making a difference.  I get emails every week from those who have changed their lives with Beachbody products.

All this has lead me to the conclusion that I am here to help people live the healthy, active lives that they were meant to live.  At the coach summit this year, the theme was “End the Trend“.  What trend?  The terrible trend of Obesity that America is on.  Do you know how many Americans are now Obese?  200 Million…staggering right?  That’s why I feel truly blessed to be able to help all of you and be part of a company that is trying to make a difference.  I left the summit feeling energized to do my part in helping to end this terrible trend.  Beachbody changed my life and it can change others.  They have the tools, they have the commitment and they have more and more people joining their cause everyday.  But we need help…

If you have any desire for a healthier country, and better health for your friends and family then I could use your help.  Coaching has given me opportunities I never dreamed of.  This opportunity is there for everyone.  Together we can help end the trend, and help this country be fitter, healthier and more active.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can join as a Beachbody Coach, whether it’s simply to help coach others through the workout programs, save money on the products or help to end this trend of obesisty, email me at and I would be glad to share more about it with you.