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Join a Challenge Group Today!

 The time has finally come! You have reached the point where you are sick and tired of not seeing results with your health/fitness.  Maybe you are frustrated by your lack or weight loss, or your muscle gain plateau.  Or you feel like you have no energy to play with your kids and are sick of sitting on the side lines while others are living the active lifestyle you desire.  Are you unsure what to eat or when, in order to reach your weight loss and/or muscle building goals?  Are self conscious about swim suit season?  I have been there and have felt the exact same way.  Today is the day to make a change and I have the formula that will guarantee success.

I put together a Challenge group for the Get Ripped At Home Crew and for YOU to Join! These challenge groups have been working extremely well for the people that I coach.  I put together small P90X, Insanity, TurboFire and PUMP challenge groups consisting of 5-8 people…they have their own Facebook group and they are there to get FREE One on One fitness/nutrition coaching from ME and support each other 100% through the entire program (90 days with P90X and 60 with Insanity for example).  You and your fellow challenge members not only are they there to provide each other with support but I also provide One on One help, answering your questions, giving you motivation and checking in with you everyday.  It has been extremely successful because your team won’t let you quit!  If you want to join then read below and find us on Facebook in my Exclusive Get Ripped At Home Crew Fitness Corner HERE!  But how will you get such great results?  What is the formula to your success that you have been lacking?  Read on to find out!

Challenge Group Goal:

  • To help get you in the best shape of your life in 60/90 days.  Taking your weight loss, muscle building, Health, fitness and performance to a new level
  • To help get you feeling energetic and healthy, all around…so you no longer have to sit on the sidelines watching others live an active life.
  • To get you to finally achieve your fitness goals that you have longed for.
  • To help you achieve your own personal weight loss, strength and performance goals

Challenge Group RequirmentsThe Formula to SUCCESS, FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT = RESULTS!

  1. I have to be your Beachbody Coach! If I’m not your coach yet, make sure you make me your coach by clicking here!
  2. You have to be using a Home Fitness Program along with using Shakeology as a meal or snack replacement EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why?…Because in order to get the best results, you HAVE to have a combination of a great workout program (P90X2,P90X,Insanity,TurboFire,PUMP,etc) and Nutrition (Shakeology).  I have been using Shakeology for the past year and a half now and it’s by far my favorite supplements that I take.  I have a hard time even classifying it as a supplement because it’s whole food based.  This is what I use the get the best results and it’s what I recommend to my friends, family, and people I coach who want the same thing.  My goal is to get you looking and feeling your best.  I want to get you on the P90X2 infomercial.  This is the combination that will get you there.  That’s why it’s a requirement.  If you’re tired of not getting the results you are after, this is the way to do so!  You can even save money by Buying them Together in a CHALLENGE PACK by clicking here!
  3. You have to be consistent with your workouts and nutrition and you have to post that you did so in your Facebook Group.  That means that you will need to follow the your programs schedule and follow the Nutrition guide.  These programs come with the BEST nutrition guides around.  Variety, recipes and plans that are easy to follow and will keep you losing weight and building lean muscle.
  4. You must post at least ONCE per day in the Facebook group. If you are not posting, it shows that you aren’t committing to the challenge, the other 4 members of the group an to me.  It shows me that you are losing motivation and/or are struggling, and if that begins to happen you will get a message from me, getting you back on the band wagon.  If you don’t post you will also be letting the others down because they need you to be there to help support them as well.  If you are struggling then post, if you are losing motivation then post, if you are killing it then post…that’s the point.   I want to help you out!  Remember Fitness + Nutrition + SUPPORT = Success.


That’s it!  Now you know what the Challenge groups is all about, what my goals are for the groups, and what the requirements are.  I’m going to be forming these challenge groups starting every couple weeks.  If you want to take part in a Challenge group then contact me ASAP or find us on Facebook in my Get Ripped At Home Crew HERE!, make sure you meet the requirements above and I will add you to a group!  Let’s take our fitness and health to the next level together!  Post your questions below. 


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