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Workout Challenge!

Each week I will be posting a NEW workout challenge for you to try to conquer.  Some will be very simple, others more complex.  Some will be a single exercise, and some will be full blown workouts.  This weeks challenge is inspired by my love of pullups.  It is one thing to be able to do high reps in one set but it’s completely another thing to do 100 for time!

Yep, that’s the Workout Challenge of the week.

Workout Challenge:  100 PULL-UPS for Time!

Workout Challenge Pull UPs


  • Do 100 consecutive pull ups for time.
  • You CAN kip but  you cannot do Butterfly (crossfit style) pullups.
  • You can come off the bar as many times as you need to rest but the clock keeps ticking!
  • Your chin has to go over the bar, and your arms have to be fully extend at the bottom…NO HALF REP PULL UPS!

The challenge is set!  My BEST time so far has been 4 mins and 53 secs.  Post your Workout Challenge Times below in the comments section and let me know if you have questions!