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P90X Results – Ted

Ted is a great all around guy and is now part of my team of coaches.  He had fallen into the “let myself go” category after getting caught up with work and travel.  That is until he picked up P90X again and committed to it 100%.  His P90X results were unbelievable.  I hadn’t seen him these last 90 days and was amazed by the transformation that took place.  It just goes to show you how hard work and dedication to both diet and exercises can do amazing things.  Ted stuck to following the P90X nutrition guide, Shakeology, and P90X.  He didn’t skip any workouts or cheat at all for 90 days.  If you want to see the full potentional of what P90X can do for you then check out his youtube video.

Here is what Ted had to say about his transformation in his own words:

This past October, I returned from some time away from home, about three months worth of time. I had gotten out of shape, was not eating well, and was ready to make a change when I got home. Funny thing is, when I got back, I didn’t think I was in that bad a shape, but to my surprise, when I started comparing pictures, they suggested otherwise! What a shock. With p90x, the p90x nutrition program and Shakeology, I was able to completely change my physique in 90 days. It was a crazy reminder how effective this program is when followed with some dedication. I started the program at 152 pounds and 12% bodyfat, and ended at 156 pounds and 8% bodyfat. I lose 6 pounds of fat, and gained 9 pounds of muscle! Crazy! Check out my pics and my youtube video and see for yourself.

If you would like to ask any questions to Ted about his P90X results, you can contact Ted or visit his website and ask or feel free to leave a comment.