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Filming The Next P90X2

Last week I had the privilege to be apart of the filming for P90X2.  I was lucky enough to be in 2 of the new workouts entitled Chest/Back + Balance and V-Sculpt.  For those of you who follow me on facebook you might have noticed that my workouts changed from when I first announced that I was going to be apart of the P90X2 cast.  Originally I was suppose to be in PAP:Lower and ARX2 but as rehearsals came they had to shuffle people around and I was privileged to be asked to be in 2 resistance workouts!

What an incredible experience this was.  Chest/Back + Balance was filmed first.  I had been battling a cold the last 4 days and didn’t quite feel 100% but that wasn’t going to stop me from bringing my all to the workout.  The day started with Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup.  My wardrobe consisted of a tank top and my own shorts, shoes and socks (seen in the photo with Tony).  My socks became quite the topic of conversation due to their length.  Tony talks about them quite a bit during the workout.  It should make for a couple of laughs.  I just hope I am not known as the “sock guy” haha.

After the cast got ready we had a pep-talk from the director, Mason Bendewald.  Those of you who subscribe to P90X: One on One will recognize the name.  We then got mic’d up and went through our que to cue.  This is where we get our markings, make sure we are facing the right direction, and are transitioning from exercise to exercise in the correct way.  Before I knew it we were done, took a quick break and the camera started to roll.

Right before we started filming I took a moment and looked around at the surreal scene in front of me.  There I was in a studio in Hollywood, on a stage with Tony Horton, the cast, cameras, lighting, a director and producers.  I wanted to pinch myself.  It felt like a dream.  2 years ago I was laying in bed watching the P90X infomercials wondering if P90X actually worked.  I got incredible results, met Tony Horton, became a coach and now I was in P90X2. Life is crazy…

Good thing I had some adrenaline going because I needed it.  The workout itself was awesome and incredible fun.  Talk about muscle confusion. These new moves are extremely core driven and skill based.  If you can do this one then you are in great shape.  You might think that we had breaks and time to rest in between exercises.  WRONG!  It was break free, full on workout.  What you see is exactly how it was filmed.  Unscripted, spontaneous Tony at his best.  As Tony gave me a bad time during the workout I tried to jab him back with to no avail.  Haha.  It was an unbelievable experience.

As quickly as it happened it was over.  I did pretty well for suffering with a cold.  Not my absolute best numbers I have put up but respectable.  I am sure some of you will be surpassing me as you do P90X2.  The last 4 moves were a killer, but talk about a pump!

I had a 5 days to prepare and get back t0 100% for V-Sculpt, a Back/Bicep workout that has been taken up about 10 notches.  The second day was much more relaxing.  Since I knew what I was getting myself into I was able to really enjoy the full experience.  I took in each moment.  My cold was gone and I was ready to bring it.  During the Que to Cue I found out that I was going to be in the middle of the group this time and I was going to have my shirt off!  Oh man…that was intimidating.  Good thing I was eating 100% clean for the last 6 weeks.

V-Sculpt was a Back/Bicep blaster.  I was able to contribute a move to the workout which was a extremely nice surprise (I am told there is another called “Callahan Press” in another workout too!).  It is the first move of the workout so keep an eye out for it.  The workout itself involved Pull ups, dumbbells and bands.  I was extremely surprised how well the bands worked.  If you use the right bands you are in for one hell of a pump.  There are new moves in this one never seen before.  Some are more traditional and others are P90X2 core based bad-ass moves.  My heart rate was so high by the end it felt like a cardio workout.  I LOVED it!

Overall this was a “once in a life-time” experience.  P90X2 is going to be an unbelievable sequel to the revolutionary P90X.  Everything had a purpose, everything is thought out, and each workout will take you to a new level of fitness.  The Producers, Director Mason and his crew, Steve Holmsen, Steve Edwards, and of course Tony Horton were all amazing people and a pleasure to work with.  The energy on set was incredible and I think it will relate through the screen. 

Once again, THANK YOU TONY!

-Coach Sean