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P90X2 Equipment

There hasn’t been a ton of talk about what equipment will be needed with P90X2 so I wanted to clear up any misconceptions.  As you have seen in the P90X2 Trailer and previews that I have posted, there are some extra equipment requirements that go beyond P90X.  P90X2 will take you fitness to the next level so it is no surprise that you will need some extra gear.  The good news is that you won’t need to spend a ton of extra money in order to get the most out of P90X2.  You may even be surprised at the level of versatility of P90X2 and the equipment needed…you might even have some of the equipment already.

I had the great opportunity to try most of the P90X2 workouts during rehearsals so I will try to give my experience with some of the equipment that is needed for these workouts.  Let me say that the stuff that has been added is awesome and it will truly help you take things up a notch compared to P90X.

P90X2 Equipment:

1.  Resistance Gear:  Just like P90X you will need dumbbells or Resistance bands. You will also need the P90X Pull up bar or an equivalent pull up bar to help with the pull up exercises.  For those who just did dumbbells I would highly recommend getting at least 1 or 2 resistance bands as well.  During one of the workouts that I am in I was able to use the bands and got an amazing pump out of it.  Those things work like a charm when used correctly.  Here’s another nice bit of info…every single one of the P90X2 workouts can be done with Resistance Bands alone!  That means you can take P90X2 with you when you travel and use only the bands to get a great workout.  I would go as far as to say that some of the band moves are even tougher the dumbbell moves.

2.  Stability Ball. As Steve Edwards has said, “Instability is a large part of this program”.  It is essential that you have a Stability or “Swiss” ball that you will use in a lot of moves.  Stretching, abs, chest, this thing makes an appearance in almost every workout.  One thing I love about it is that it is very versatile.  It is great for helping to strengthen your core in just about every exercise.  I have one already.

3.  Medicine Balls.  These are mainly used for stabilizing and not for the actual weight.  These can be swapped out for basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc.  So you might have enough already.  Right now I have 2 med balls and 2 basket balls that I use and it works great.  You will need a combo of 4 to be able to do all the moves with these.

4.  Foam Roller.  You will hate and love this thing.  It’s amazes me that something so simple can cause so much pain and relief at the same time.  You can definitely swap this with pvc pipe, rolling pins, baseballs, etc but for beginners you will really want to get one of these.  The harder the item you use the more painful…that is until you “graduate” to it.  They are a small investment that is well worth it.  I loved this thing during the practice rehearsals.  Trust me, you will be using it a lot.  There is also the Rumble Roller, which is the upgraded version of the foam roller.

5.  Plyo Boxes. These I don’t have, and I probably won’t need them.  During my experience we only used them to step off of, never jumping on them or over them.  So this will be easily swapped for a chair or stool.  The higher the chair or stool the harder it will make it.  You will have this at home already.

6.  Pull Up Assist Max. For those that struggle with pull ups there is also a new pull up assist resistance band that works WAY better than a chair.  This thing is money when your trying to get more reps or trying new pull ups like Levers.  This makes it so you won’t use your legs to cheat but instead you will build the proper muscles making pull ups easier and more fun.  Honestly, I tried this thing a lot and I thought it was a fantastic piece of equipment that I wish I would have had during P90X.

7.  Weighted Bar. The dreaded weighted bar was not fun for me.  This thing made some of the static moves very difficult.  The good news is that it is a luxury item only.  I used a towel and a resistance band during rehearsals and definitely felt the burn well enough.  If you have either then you are set here.

8.  Power Stands. These help tremendously with push ups and I highly recommend them for anyone going through P90X or P90X2.  You will use these here and there during P90X2 but again, it is kinda a luxury item.  It is one that I use during all my chest workouts currently and I love it.

There you have it.  This should be all the P90X2 equipment needed.  It sounds like a lot but if you read the descriptions you will see that you probably have most of these items already and the rest is definitely worth the small investment to help take things to a new level.  Keep posted for more P90X2 news and make sure that you sign up for me as your coach HERE. I am a P90X2 Cast Member and I would love to help coach you.  CLICK HERE.

Have any questions about the P90X2 Equipment?  Let me know Below!

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