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Round 9 Getting Ready for P90X2

Another round of P90X is being started this week.  This will be my 9th round of P90X and P90X hybrids that I have officially done.  I approach each round with a new goal in mind.  My 8th round was all about getting back to proper form and tempo.   I did a P90X/Asylum Hybrid to try to get lean and mean for summer.  I was very pleased with my results, which you can see HERE.  I feel like I am in even better shape then when I shot P90X2.  So for this round I wanted to keep that same idea of perfect form and proper tempo but focus more on getting ready for P90X2, which is coming out this December.  I plan on Starting my P90X2 round 1 on January 2nd, so mark your calendars!  We will have a HUGE group starting with us.

If you’re looking to get ready for P90X2 then there are two ways to go.  If you complete 90 days of P90X, TurboFire, or Insanity/Asylum then you will be in good enough shape to start P90X2 when it comes out.  If you want to get an idea of what to expect so you can be as ready as possible then my round 9 P90X hybrid schedule will be for you.


The Plan

My plan with Round 9 is to make it as flexible as possible.  So you will see the schedule won’t look too different from the P90X phase schedule that you are used to.  The idea here is to be able to plug in the workouts you have so you can make it a custom schedule to fit you workout dvd library.  Since I have ALL of the P90X One on Ones, as well as Asylum, you will be seeing me add those workouts in the mix.

Below I will list what workouts you can use for that given day.  For example, on Chest/Back days I will list some of the workouts you can use for Chest/Back between P90X, P90X+, P90X: One on Ones, and Asylum.


What Will You Need?

I want to make this schedule as flexible as possible.  I don’t expect you go to out and buy all of these workouts if you don’t want to.  So use what ever you have.  These workouts are suggestions because I love them and Highly Recommend them.  Please remember that you can use P90X Classic and and still be ready for P90X2.  I almost feel like this will be kinda a “Best Of” Tony Horton type of schedule as well.

1.  P90X:  You will have to own P90X at the very least.  This is essential for this schedule.  You can do P90X classic all the way through and be very ready for P90X2.

2.  P90X One on Ones:  These will include workouts from vol 1 through vol 3.  I own all of these so I will be using the ones that I like the most.  You can click the name and find them all to buy.

3.  Asylum:  Asylum is sports oriented and a fun way to do cardio.  I will be using these mostly for cardio days to change things up.

4.  P90X+:   These won’t be used as much but you can add these in if you for some extra muscle confusion.


What Workouts Will I Be Able To Choose From?

Here is a list of the workouts that you will be able to choose from for each day.

1.  Chest/BackP90X: Chest/Back,

P90X One on One:  30/15, Chest/Back + Balls

2.  CardioP90X:  Plyometrics, Kenpo,

P90X+:  Kenpo Cardio Plus, Interval X,

P90X: One on One: Plyocide, Cardio Intervals,

Asylum:  Speed/Agility, Vertical Plyo, Gameday

3.  Shoulders/Arms: P90X:  Shoulders/Arms

P90X+:  Upper Plus

P90X: One on One: Shoulders/Arms MC2, Just Arms + Diamond Delts

4.  Yoga: P90X: Yoga X

P90X: One on One: Fountain of Youth Yoga, Patience Yoga, Yoga MC2

Asylum: Back to Core

5.  Legs/Back: P90X: Legs/Back

P90X+:  Total Body Plus

P90X: One on One: Plyo/Legs, Base/Back

6.  ABS:   P90X: ARX

P90X+: Abs/Core Plus

P90X: One on One: Killer Abs, ARX2, Iso ABS, 10 Min Crush Pack (20/10 Abs),

Ten Minute Trainer: ABS

7.  Chest/Shoulders/Triceps: P90X: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

P90X: One on One: UBX,  Upper Body Balance

8.  Back/Bicep: P90X:  Back/Biceps

P90X: One on One:  V-Sculpt

9.  MISC: This is a day that you can do what ever you want.  Very much, ala P90X2.  So if you feel like running, go run.  If you feel like playing a sport, then do that.  If you feel like working out then pick your favorite workouts and go for it.  If you want to do extra cardio then do some cardio.  Here some some of mine.

P90X: One on One: P.A.P., Total Body X, Core Ball Sandwich, Upper Body Balance, On One Legs, Diamond Delts, Back/Belly, 100 30 20,

Asylum:  Game Day

Misc: Chest X 2.0

10.  Core:   P90X:  Core Synergistics

P90X: One on One: Core Ball Sandwich, Total Body X, Core Synergistics 2, Upper Body Balance

Asylum: Back to Core


What is the Schedule?

Choose the appropriate workout listed above.  It’s up to you!  What do you feel like doing?  Change them up each week for more muscle confusion.  I know this is very open ended but that’s the point.  I want you to be able to mix and match what you want to do and what you own.  As long as you stay within the workouts suggested above you can’t go wrong.

Phase 1

  1. Chest/Back + ABS
  2. Cardio
  3. Shoulders/Arms + ABS
  4. Yoga/Core
  5. Legs/Back + ABS
  6. Misc
  7. REST

Recovery/Core Week

  1. Core
  2. Core
  3. Cardio
  4. Rest
  5. Core
  6. Yoga
  7. Rest

Phase 2

  1. Back/Biceps+ ABS
  2. Cardio
  3. Chest/Shoulders/Triceps+ ABS
  4. Yoga/Core
  5. Legs/Back+ ABS
  6. Misc
  7. REST

Recovery/Core Week, see above

Phase 3 Week 9+11

  1. Chest/Back + ABS
  2. Cardio
  3. Shoulders/Arms + ABS
  4. Yoga/Core
  5. Legs/Back
  6. Misc
  7. REST

Phase 3 Week 10+12

  1. Back/Biceps+ ABS
  2. Cardio
  3. Chest/Shoulders/Triceps+ ABS
  4. Yoga/Core
  5. Legs/Back+ ABS
  6. Misc
  7. REST

Things to Think About
What do you think of the schedule?  Is it too open ended for you?  I wanted this to be free flowing because P90X2 is more free flowing.  This schedule is for those who have gone through P90X already and are looking to take things to the next level.  In order to do that you must listen to your body, make your own goals and apply them.  I believe that this schedule will do that.

If you want to see what I am going to be doing everyday then come friend me on Facebook HERE.  You can also Join My Team HERE and sign up to have me coach you through this round and P90X2 for free.  I am here to help!