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P90X2 Preview Ab Ripper X2

“I hate it but I love it”…familiar words to you?  If you have been doing P90X you will be well aware of that concept in regards to Ab Ripper XP90X2 Ab Ripper X2 or X2 Ab Ripper, is going to be a new version of the much loved/hated (in a good way) Ab Ripper X.  Tony Horton has once again taken it up to another level by incorporating new moves with some familiar ones to make P90X2 Ab Ripper X2 one killer core and ab workout.

In the P90X2 workout preview below you will be able to see exactly what I’m talking about.  These moves may look simple enough but trust me they aren’t.  I learned this first hand during the P90X2 rehearsals.  If you have been following my blog you would know that I was originally suppose to be in ARX2 so I am very familiar with this workout and how tough it is.  I am one that can now blow through Ab Ripper X from P90X, but Ab Ripper X2 left me completely challenged.  Check out the P90X2 preview video below


Oh boy, just watching this thing makes me hurt.  X2 Ab Ripper will take your core to the next level.  As you can see they took fifer scissors, which is one of the tougher moves from Ab Ripper X and made it even harder by adding a reach and a twist.  You not only are working your lower abs now but your also workout your upper and obliques.  Moves of these moves are designed to hit every part of your core.  The next move that you can see in the P90X2 preview video is a windshield wiper type move where you have to keep your legs as close to a 90 degree angle as possible while your bringing your feet close to the ground on either side of you.  This one is again an oblique and lower ab move.  “2 for the price of 1″ as Tony says.  10 of those and you will be dying, trust me.  The last move shows a bicycle ab move.  The only difference  is that you are now balancing on your butt in order to engage your core even more.  This one works literally every muscle you have in your abs.  And this is only the beginning…

Ab Ripper X2 from P90X2 will be a very tough workout.   The good news is that there are modifications so if your looking at this P90X2 preview video and thinking that there is no way you can do these moves, keep that in mind.  The modifications will make you strong enough to attempt the harder moves as you go through P90X2.  For those of you looking a challenge you won’t be disappointed here.  Just as Tony Horton says “it will be just as brutal as the first one”.

What are your impressions of the P90X2 preview shown?  Are you excited about the new Ab Ripper X2?  Do you think you will have the same “Love/Hate” relationship with this one?