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P90X2 Preview Base and Back

Legs and Back in P90X was, and still is, the toughest workout for me. P90X2 is going to include these two muscle groups again in a workout now called Base and Back. Base and Back looks to be a little different from Legs/Back from P90X. From what I am hearing, Base and Back is going to be mostly Plyometric moves with pull ups. So not only will you be blasting two of the biggest muscles groups in your body but you will be doing them back to back this time. That means there will be more pull ups and a much higher heart rate. Which leads me to believe why there won’t be much cardio in P90X2. These workouts will leave you feeling like you just did a weight routine and a cardio routine together.

So why put these together? Because Tony likes to keep us challenged. By putting Plyo moves into the leg routine your going to be able to work on performance, where as Legs/Back worked on building a foundation of strength. There are some monster moves in this workout. I have talked to one of the cast members and he had said that this was one of the toughest workouts he had ever done. I believe him because this guy is already in phenomenal shape. So check out this video below and see for yourself.

Yeah, it looks tough doesn’t it? If you have done the Base and Back from P90X One on One you will know how tough this is. When I have spoken with Tony he told me that this one was taken to the next level. You can see from the video that there are plyo moves, some with weights and some without. There are a couple of new pull up moves as well. You can see the first one is a close grip with wide legs…which makes sure you don’t kip at all. The next is a V pull up that involves a lot of isolation while you do it. It’s a back killer. That last move you see combines weights with a plyo move plus a shoulder press…yikes.

Base and Back is another example how P90X2 is going to keep the muscle confusion coming and make sure you get the best results possible. If you will be able to do this routine you will be able to do just about anything.

Do you think Base and Back in P90X2 will compare to Legs/Back from P90X?