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P90X2 Shoulders and Arms Preview

P90X2 Shoulders and Arms is P90X‘s Shoulders and Arms workout taken to the next level. Tony Horton has stepped it up a notch by making these exercise more challenge by adding instability as well as adding ways to strengthen your shoulders through rehab type exercise. Even though Shoulders and Arms might be a familiar workout format, you will be challenged with new exercises and new ways to modify them until you can build your strength.

Below is a video showing P90X2 creator Tony Horton and Beachbody C.E.O. Carl Daikeler talking about the new Shoulders and Arms. Tony goes into detail as to the reason behind some of the exercises that he incorporated into the workout as well as what it will do for your overall fitness.

As you can see from the the video you will no longer just be doing Pike Presses. You will be doing them with your feet elevated and your hands on medicine balls. Look tough? That’s because it is, but there will be ways to modify till you build you strength. Every move in P90X2 will have a modifier that you will be able to use if you just have resistance bands. Tricep presses have been taken off the floor and put on a balance ball. By doing this you will have to engage your core, making the move harder and strengthening your abs all at the same time. The last move shown is the rear delt moves that have been put into the program. As you can see Tony is using a very light weight. This works more as a rehab type exercise that will strengthen the parts of the shoulder that are typically neglected. Those who have shoulder problems should be able to strengthen their weak points with this workout.

This is one of workouts that I haven’t done yet. But I have been told from fellow cast member Josh Spencer that this workout is a killer. I watched Josh do this workout at rehearsals for a few mins and I was very surprised with this workout. It looked fun and challenging. Two things I am looking forward to with P90X2 and Tony Horton. You can even join my team for free HERE to get the exclusive news and info for P90X2

Does P90X2 Shoulders and Arms look like a fun workout? Do you think you can hang with Tony on this one?